Civil Rights

Friday morning woke me with the Tribune-Herald front page, above the fold, with all their pictures plastered, “Feds Raid Hilo Pot Ministry“.  It’s being treated like a big deal because of how open the Ministry was about distributing Medical-Marijuana.  This was a religious duty,  “I was helping supply the sacrament and medicine on the Big Island,“.

“These arrests are a civil rights violation,” Clark said. “Cannabis is a sacrament in our religion … and this is a First Amendment issue.”

Said 34 year old Nathan Clark, a supporter and fellow marijuana activist.  Just wow!  All I can say is Wow!  Medical Marijuana is pretty open here on the Big Island.  You see signs for Medical Marijuana tacked onto trees, telephone poles, fences, all along the highway’s and back roads, it’s probably the most common sign you’ll see on this island.

The idea that a Marijuana License will somehow usurp the law, is, in itself, about a logical as openly advertising you have in your possession said narcotic, or at least, have just consumed said narcotic, and are now waving a flag to law enforcement come and bust me.   This is what happened here.  Openly displayed on Bayfront, along Kamehameha Avenue.

Painting A Target

I was intrigued by the activist use of marijuana as a Sacrament and a Civil Right.  From a broader perspective, what are Civil Rights?  Here in Hawai’i, the term, the meaning, and its use, has been rallying cry for all sorts of activists groups.  Recently, Governor Linda Lingle vetoed HB 444, this bill would have granted Civil Unions to same sex couples.  By any other name, it is allowing same sex marriage.  Many of our House and Senate legislators backed the legislation; all but three elected officials backed this legislation.  All in the name of Civil Rights.  It’s all about equality.

I worry about the family unit. … Marriage is a social custom we’ve had for an awful long time. If we’re going to change this custom, I would rather not have it be done under the guise of civil rights.”

How about that, lets put this to a vote, once and for all.  Something like this, which is so emotionally driven by both activists and traditionalist, must be decided at the ballot box, and not by legislation forced upon those that disagree.  What about their civil rights to tradition? Is it fair to take someone else’s civil rights, in favor of someone else’s civil rights?  What about the civil rights of the traditional family?  Do they lose their rights to same sex couples?

Governor Lingle has been getting from heat from all corners of the left regarding her veto decision.  This morning’s paper prints an opinion, disguised as a “News” story, “Veto may sway isle elections”.  This AP article goes on to suggest that Republicans will bear the brunt of Governor Lingle’s decision.  Quoting several activists in favor of HB 444, saying that they a through with Republicans.  I wonder when they were ever in favor of any Republican, anyone?  This was more opinion, than story.  If same sex marriage were put to a state wide vote, it would never pass.  That’s the reality.

The definition of Marriage has always been about the union of one man and one woman.  The relationship is unique and historically, about procreation.  Same sex marriage is not about procreation.  So how can same sex marriage begin to be equal to, and deserving of the same rights, as a marriage between one man and one woman?  The natural, anatomical reality of the male female marital sexual union, disqualifies same-sex couples. It is the biological reproductive ability of male-female “parents” that renders same-sex couples unequal and unnatural.  To that end, where does this argument end?  What about allowing one man, or one woman, to marry as many partners as they want?  What if I wanted to marry my dog, my cat, my bird, or my toaster?  The traditional definition of marriage is and always be between one man and one woman.  As for rights, same sex couples already have rights and the freedoms to cohabit, but until same sex couples can procreate, from a natural biological method, it cannot be considered a right.

Hate Me If You Must

Blue Hair – A Natural Look?

Are we in danger of losing our Civil Rights?  It seems like there are activists groups everywhere trying to conform our lives to their idea of what a social society should be.  It starts when certain groups make claims that they are doing this to help you from hurting yourself.  It’s also disguised as Social Justice.  The perpetual victimization that so-called Social Watchdog groups want to classify people into is nothing more than collectively driving a human cattle-car into a corral.  It is to remove individualism, and institute a Nanny-State Thugcracy, because you are not smart enough to take care of yourself, so the State will make decisions for you.  Choice?  Have it your way, but we’ll define it for you.

Public Enemy #1

Not the Hamburger, but The Center For Science In The Public Interest.  This organization, with apparently nothing else left to do, decided to wage a legal war with McDonald’s over their “Happy Meals”.  A toy can be found in McDonald’s Happy Meals, and apparently this activist group finds the toys, offensive.

“McDonald’s is the stranger in the playground handing out candy to children,” said CSPI litigation director Stephen Gardner. “McDonald’s use of toys undercuts parental authority and exploits young children’s developmental immaturity—all this to induce children to prefer foods that may harm their health. It’s a creepy and predatory practice that warrants an injunction.”

What’s Creepy and Unwarranted, is some liberal organization trying to manipulate how parents should raise their children.  Who are they to decide what’s in the Public’s Interest?  What qualifies this group to be the arbiter of what children should be eating?  Why is this group interfering with how parents feed their kids?  Because they believe parents cannot do the job of parenting.  They believe that the commercial influence that McDonald’s holds will force parents to give in to their children’s demands for a Happy meal, so they can get the toy.  Never mind the nutritional value of the meal.  It’s not about the meal at all.  It’s about control.  These people are like all other democRat’s, they either have a problem with childhood obesity, or they have a children going hungry problem.   It’s all about creating an atmosphere of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.  It’s about lining their own pockets with taxpayer monies.

What the CSPI is saying is that Parents cannot make decisions for their children’s health and their eating habits.  What an insult to Parents.  If the CSPI were really in the Public’s Interest, then they would sue the Global Warming crowd for perpetuating the Hoax of Climate Change.  Trans-fats, MSG, Cheese, etc., all those things that make food taste good are being targeted as enemies of the American people.  Do you want some organization to tell you what you can eat?

Perhaps, It’s Because Of Over Population?

Groups like Same Sex Marriage, and CSPI, are nothing more than Activist Groups that only have their own interests in mind.  They are like many other meddling groups that want to control your lives.  That’s their goal.  To control your life.  Nosey busy-bodies that think they know better than you.  This intrusion into our lives needs to be Stopped!

Luckily, McDonald’s is fighting back!

McDonald’s said it offers parents choices and variety in Happy Meals, and “makes available in-depth, comprehensive nutrition information.” It emphasized that parents are fully capable of making their own decisions when it comes to feeding their children.

And that’s the real point of this discussion.  Fringe Groups like Same Sex Marriage and the Center for Science in the Public’s Interest, are nothing more than Socialists that want to conform society into their world vision.  Sure, there are many more radical fringe groups out there that continually want to control our lives.  However, they will fail.

Risk Your Retirement Savings To Government?

Remember when then President George Bush wanted to give the option for Americans to choose how they wanted to manage their Social Security savings?  Remember how the democRats demonized the President for even suggesting a solution to our government’s stealing of our money.  The democRats that are stealing our money and are looking to steal more of our money, with Union help.  We know Unions are eying private saving plans, and are planning to steal them, with the government’s help.  I was, and still am, a big supporter of Private Accounts.  I can take care of my money better than some bloated government agency could ever do.  While Social Security sinks into the abyss of government waste, the government is hiding the problem of where our money is going.  You should be very alarmed by this.  DemocRats, think they can manage your money better than you by creating  entitlement programs that will forever keep you locked, and captive, to government regulations and rules that take your money.  Obamacare.

Every year, the Annual Report of the Social Security Board of Trustees comes out between mid-April and mid-May.  Now it’s July, and there’s no sign of this year’s report.  What is the Obama administration hiding?

We have shrinking newspapers subscriptions, a bias alphabet television news, and all cable news channels (except Fox News), proselytize about the virtues of government control, and the need for more control over your lives.  The democRats, led by their Pied Piper, the Obama, are drowning the nation in debt.  Political Correctness is preventing Common Sense from prevailing.  Socialist Political activists are determined to kill individualism and promote collectivism.  Freedoms, as we have know it, are at risk of vanishing under democRat rule.  This must be stopped!

How can anyone trust a government that openly LIES to its Constituents?

What’s for Dinner?

Pan Seared Scallops and Shrimp over Fresh Tomato, Garlic, Olive Oil Coated Pasta




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