Mowing the Lawn

The Summer of Recovery.  Depending on your perspective, that phrase could mean anything.  I tend to look upon it as what my blessings are:  I have a job.  It may not be the best job.  It doesn’t pay well.  It’s tough work.  It’s physical work.  I don’t get a lot of praise for my work.  My employer makes me jump through hoops with needless regulations and rules to follow.  My employer sets unreasonable goals for me to accomplish.  However, it could be worse.

Food Fight

Hat Tip: Apatheticreality

I am blessed to be living in the greatest country in the world.  I am blessed and protected by the finest Military Force on the planet.  I am blessed with the common sense values taught to me by my parents, to live within my means.  I am blessed not owing anyone, anything.  Except for my mortgage and my car payments, I have no debts.  By common sense, I mean, if I cannot afford what I want, then I save.  I save and save up, till I can afford my desire.  I sacrifice my comforts and my desires, in order for my family to live comfortably.  I do this, not because I have to, but because I want to.  In a sense, I’m paying it forward, and reaping a lifetime of rewards, that cannot be bought or sold.

However, there are those people that would love to see a different reality.  As I wait till my subscription to the Tribune-Herald to expire, the local Hilo newspaper, I am tempted to scan the headlines and then turn to the editorial page to read the comments of people writing letters to the editor.  It’s easy to see why people are losing their desire for the printed word, and turning to the Internet for their news and commentary.  I know I have.  But Hey, I’m reducing my Carbon Footprint, aren’t I?  Shouldn’t that make the most liberal of liberals expunge with glee?  Whilst, my conservative values only bring angst to the liberal belief, and mindset, that only Big Government can bring relief to my daily woes, that perception that only Government Knows Best, it drives them Nucking Futs!

Which Fills Me With Glee!

E Mahalo Akua (I thank GOD) for my blessings.  Makemake au (My desire) is to see everyone afforded the same opportunities, that I’ve been afforded, unfettered in their pursuit of happiness, whatever that bliss my be.  It is, what you make it.  99% of your wealth can be measured in the quality, and happiness, of your life.  The other 1% is monetary.  No government, agency, entity can give you what you can do for yourself.  The sense of pride in accomplishment.  It cannot either be given, or taken away.  It’s neither a Government Entitlement, nor A Union Benefit.

So enjoy your summer of recovery America.

Remember who brought it to you.

I still get a Day Off to mow the lawn

What’s For Breakfast?

Open Egg, Cheese, Ham, and Veggie Burrito


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