Movie Trailer: I Want Your Money

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If this comes to Hilo, I am so there, with Popcorn!

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Hilo’s Borders Bookstore Is Closing

¿Victims of Obamanomics?

Hilo’s Borders Book Store at Waiakea Center is closing.  A landmark on the corner of Highway 11 (Kanoelehua, or Mamalahoa highway), and Maka’ala street, across from the Prince Kūhio Plaza.  The bookstore opened in 1997 and employed 35 workers.  Apparently the business failed to meet its financial objectives.  Yet, the store was always packed with shoppers.  Borders also had a Starbucks coffee shop inside that kept readers tweaked with caffeine while perusing through the printer word.  A huge library of books and music could be found here, with the largest variety of Hawaiiana and Local music available.  I will personally miss Borders, not only because of the books, but the music.  We had the pleasure of seeing Hapa perform Live at Borders at their CD Release of their latest album, “MAUI“.

Well, 40% off is a bargain.  So, we took advantage of the sale and bought a few books.

Newsworthy in itself by the approval by Congress of the Academia, but Legal illiterate and experienced, Elena Kagan.  Of the three branches of American Government, this is important book everyone should read to understand how the Supreme Court makes decisions that effect every American’s lives.

A book that defines and explains the the Constitution, the Founders Principals, and how Conservationism is America’s Future.  This is a must read that outlines the Liberal Assault on Constitution-Based Values, Individual Freedoms,  and Liberty for all Americans.

The one book that explains the conceit and errors of Socialism.  How Economics and Political thinking can influence  Governments.  The Free Markets and the Abuse of Reason.  The Utopia of Hope and Change, and the Crushing Reality of Economic Control and Totalitarianism, of the Individual and Collectivism, and how Socialism was rooted in the rise of Naziism.  This is history, that will repeat itself, if not understood.

The Liberal Bible.   The Definition of Godless, Statism, Collectivism, and Altruism.  The belief  of the Liberal Political Doctrine is that the Government—The State—has the right to initiate the use of physical force against its citizens (I.E. Obamacare).  How often force is to be used, and against whom, to what extent, for what purpose and for whose benefit, are irrelevant questions.  The basic principle and the ultimate results of all Statist doctrines are the same: Dictatorship.

Not An Endorsement, But A Question:

Who are the Candidates?

What are their beliefs?

All sorts of Elected Wannabes stand on the Highways and wave to the cars passing by.  Some are more known than others.  For example, Neil Abercrombie; a unimpressive record of accomplishments as Hawai’i’s 1st district Representative, in fact none at all, a Union Shill, and a Obama Puppet.  Even Abercrombie’s logo is eerily similar to Obama’s.  However, his political beliefs are aligned with Obama’s belief in Statism.

That should be enough to know who Neil is.

The Symbol of Statism

With the 2010 elections coming soon, everyone, should know who it is, that wants that seat of power.  What are their beliefs and their values.  Are they Conservative?  Are they Liberal?  Are they for less taxes and smaller government?  Or are they for Bigger Government and more Taxes?  They are either one, or the other.  There is no mix, no Hapa (no Part), solution.  You either is, or is not.

If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.

– Sun Tzu

What’s for Dinner?

Grilled Opah with Spicy Mango Pineapple Salsa over Jasmine Rice



Patriotism has no race, no color, no ethnicity, no wealth restriction or requirements.  There is no class system, no determination of type or classification, no gender specification.  Only Equality.  For all people.  It extends beyond the borders of this Great Country we call America, to all free nations world wide.  However, it begins here, in America.

Via Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism

This is My America!  This is Our America!

And your America also.  This is truly awe inspiring.  It inspires confidence and courage. It’s a shame something like this will never grace the evening news, the printed press, the liberal media.  No, this form of Patriotism will never be seen on any of the alphabet news channels.  We bloggers, we conservatives, will present it, share it and live it.

What’s For Breakfast?

Ham and Cheese Omelet with Home Fries and Muffins


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