Patriotism has no race, no color, no ethnicity, no wealth restriction or requirements.  There is no class system, no determination of type or classification, no gender specification.  Only Equality.  For all people.  It extends beyond the borders of this Great Country we call America, to all free nations world wide.  However, it begins here, in America.

Via Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism

This is My America!  This is Our America!

And your America also.  This is truly awe inspiring.  It inspires confidence and courage. It’s a shame something like this will never grace the evening news, the printed press, the liberal media.  No, this form of Patriotism will never be seen on any of the alphabet news channels.  We bloggers, we conservatives, will present it, share it and live it.

What’s For Breakfast?

Ham and Cheese Omelet with Home Fries and Muffins



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