Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

Peace Through Strength, if you wish for peace, you must prepare for war.  A strong nation is less likely to be attacked by its enemies.  However, what if your enemy, is from within?  Is the enemy within overtly apparent?  Is the enemy so stealthy hidden, so much that you’re not aware of your enemy’s actions against you?  Does your enemy call you an Allie, while plotting against you?  What if your enemy claims they want to help you?  Seems Counter-intuitive?  Not really, your Enemy is closer than you think.

Let’s Begin

Enemy #1: Your Government

Listen to then Hawai’i Representative, Neil Abercrombie describe Obamacare as the Patient (Public) Option.  We’re here to help you, the government says.  This is the Stealth Enemy.  They promise the government will take care of our health care needs.  That includes Abortion.  How is this, a “Health Care”?  In this case, Obamacare offers, efficiency in the system as run by the government.  Efficiency equates to mandates, which leads to rationing.  Which is a Death Panel.

Hawai’i’s, State Run Health Care, is not Care at all.  It’s the equivalent to the Obama quote to “Just Take A Pill“.  The Abortion provision in Obamacare, doesn’t even give the unborn the chance to experience the wonders of government run health care.  The Unborn, are the first to be Rationed from the system.  They call it choice.  I call it Murder.

Obamacare, as it is written, and as we are finding out, [Thanks, Nancy Pelosi], is rationing.  Rationing health care, is inherently built into the law.  If you are not able to contribute into the tax base, then you are tagged for Government rationing.  Why do you think parents must keep their children insured until 26 years old?  Because the government assumes the young adult, will not be a full contributor to the Federal and State Tax Base, till after 26 years of age.

What about the average 26 year old male, that has a wife, and three kids?  That’s not unusual in America.  According to the law, the Parents must have the child-adult, with a family, on their insurance plan?  Does this make any sense to you?  How much will this cost you, as the parent?  What example is this setting for our children?  Entitlement.

Enemy #2: Your  Government

Taxes, Regulations, and Laws, that Destroy Economies.  Starting with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977.  Government should never force banks to make loans to people that cannot afford them.  Yet, that is what happened.  And to make matters worse, Attorney General Janet Reno, under then President Clinton, threaten to sue lending organizations if they didn’t increase the lending risk to poorer people.  Introduce, Predatory Lending.

Rick Santelli decried the abuse of Government Regulations, and Interference in the Free Markets, Capitalism, by providing Huge Government Bailouts.  Nothing, is too big to fail.  Except for our way of life.  The General Motors bailout, the Chrysler bailout, the Banking Bailout.  All Unnecessary!  All at Taxpayer expense.  Trillions of dollars, WASTED!  Still being wasted.  A health care system, doomed to failure.  A economy, being transformed into a Socialist European model.  Stagnate.


Enemy #3: Your Government

Public Unions; a once noble institution, that fought for workers rights.  Now, just a government special interest organization.  Making slaves of the American people by bailing out the Teachers Unions to the tune of 26.1 Billion dollars.  How does this debt, benefit the future generations of America? It enslaves them.

The Unions that make an average salary 1/3 greater than the Non-Union workers.  The Unions that, with government bailouts, using taxpayer monies, demand pay increases, paid for by increased taxes.   Unions, with government help, prevent non-union workers from work, unless they pay a fee, equal to a Union dues.  Legal Extortion for Work.

And if you don’t like it, the Unions just might bust you up:

A short time later, a black sedan pulled up and several men exited with baseball bats, ran up to the two trucks and repeatedly slammed the bats into the windows. As the workers exited the trucks, at least two were then physically assaulted with the baseball bats, and one victim had to be hospitalized. Another victim was able to use his cell phone to photograph the assailants and their vehicle.

Police said the construction site is being protested by Local 401 of the Iron Workers Union.

Unions are Slaves to the Government.  Government, is the new Slave Masters.  The Plantation attitude government has, this government, the Obama Regime, makes people fear government.  Employers are wary to hire, because they don’t know what government will do to regulate and tax them.  Government needs to FEAR US!

Meanwhile, the government continues to grow.  The money has to come from someplace.  Because the government does not produce anything that people want.  You don’t buy government services.  The government taxes you for those services.   Whether you want it or not.  The Government treats you like children, you can never grow up, and you must pay for your child, till 26 years of age, after you have kicked them out of the house, and the cycle of dependence, government dependence, never goes away.  Meanwhile, the rest of us, are paying for this.

Enemy #4: Your Government

The Welfare State.

The Ultimate American Slavery.

You don’t have to know it.

You just have to love it.


What’s for Dinner?



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8 Responses to “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”

  1. LVB Says:


    This is a landmark post right here. You’ve really said all there is to say about being a true American.

    Things are coming to a head, I fear. Hundreds of years have passed since 1776, and memories have faded and been washed away by mass media programming….but many of us still remember and burn with patriotic passion.

    Don’t Tread on Me = Don’t F*CK WITH ME!!!

    Keep speaking the words, my brudda, for you do it oh so well. Mahalo! 🙂

  2. Kini Says:

    Mahalo LVB,

    I can’t see the video’s on my page, so I added the youtube links. Something’s wrong with wordpress, and I’m wondering if I need to move to a more “Free Speech” Web Host.

    It’s truly frustrating if my Free Speech rights are being violated.

    • Kini Says:

      Apparently, WordPress didn’t let anyone know of the new procedure of uploading YouTube videos.

      It’s may be good in the long run if I can upload eyeblast and other video sources.

      Aloha LVB, you rock man!

  3. LVB Says:

    Hey Kini,

    You always make my day with your tasty looking meals!

    Take a look at this one from my friend over at Vigilant Citizen – it’s quite relevant to your comments regarding free speech. I don’t really did Ms. Huffington, being she that is a big socialist who masequeraded as a neo-con for years to get a following and make $$, but this article is pretty spot on.

    Take care and keep up the good work!

    • Kini Says:

      Aloha LVB,

      Thanks for the kind food comments. Good nutrition, makes for healthy and wealthy minds and fortunes.

      I’ve blogged about Net Neutrality before, or as I like to say, Net Neutering. Like the printed press, they will kill the medium and make it irrelevant.

      As for the typo, happens to me all the time. My fingers don’t always follow my minds eye.

      But I got a good giggle from it… 🙂
      In a slightly dirty way.

  4. LVB Says:

    Sorry for the typo there, I meant to say “I don’t really DIG Huffington…:, etc.

  5. LVB Says:

    Well, as long as it was only “slightly dirty”….LOL

    Peace, brutha!

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