Vulgar Propaganda

Vulgar Propaganda by the Leftist, in itself,  is not unusual.  It’s what they do best when they are losing in the war of ideas.  Take for example the Tea Party:  The Leftist laughed at the Teat Party, called them Teabaggers, and other names.  Even their fearless leader, the Obama, called Patriots, Teabaggers.  Let’s note that Obama is against same sex marriage, so even the most liberal of liberals, must see the disconnect.  But maybe I’m asking too much from a common sense point of view.  Then again, maybe I expect too much.

So what appeared out of the liberal leftist attempt to gain parity with the Tea Party, came the Coffee Party.  Held in swanky, hipster like cafe’s (probably, without wifi available), it quickly sank as the “Chock Full O Nuts” Party.  Not being outdone, the Leftist are now using the Persuasion of Vulgarity to get their point across.

Hey, do you really wanna be seen in public wearing this?

Now, I’ll admit, I’m one conservative constitutionalist who embraces the “F” word as part of my regular vocabulary, as much of a shock as that may be to leftists who may have already stereotyped me otherwise.  But I was not aware that the word had become synonymous with positive development and improvement.  (What a relief!)  If brandishing the “F” word across my chest and gallivanting in public is a sign of intellect and the new symbol of the party of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, then I’m more than happy to save my $22.50, thanks.  (Besides, if one’s cause were so important that such a word absolutely had to be used, the Libertarian in me wonders, why not just spell it out?)  Also somewhat amusing about the entire venture  is that the very people railing against the tea parties and against capitalism are shelling out over $20 a shirt for someone’s concocted-idea-turned-business-venture.  It’s the very Capitalist tale that so many of the progressive left heartily opposes.

Anything for Attention I suppose

Looking for Mr. Icky

Guess what Liberalism taught me today?


Ack! Lost Appetite for Dinner Tonight

Ah! Better than Alka-Seltzer


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