Emily’s List : Never Mind

Emily’s List, is a Pro-Choice organization that believes in murdering their babies.  So much for supporting the future of the  Social Security system, and creating  the next generation of slaves paying into the Ponzi scheme that is Social Security.   What Patriots these people are.

Well, they made an Anti-Sarah Palin video, dressing themselves up as Grizzly Bears to express their Free Speech, that Sarah Palin, doesn’t speak for them.  Well, OK, Super!

Except, they don’t like the comments posted on their YouTube site:

However, Free Speech, is censored by this group of cackling hens.  The YouTube comment page is littered with “Comment Removed“, even mine!  All I said was, that they don’t speak for me either.  Such Intolerance.

Might as well post the video, because it won’t be around much longer.  So here’s the YouTube  link, and let them know what you think. Their hatred of Sarah Palin is downright hilarious and condescending.

Take a gander at the Politicians that they like.  Remember them when their terms are up, and vote them out of office.

What’s the common agreement with these politicians?

They want Obama, they want Obamacare, they want government funded abortions, they want socialism, they want bigger government, and they want your money.  Nuff said, they all want your stuff.

Yet, they won’t iron my shirt.

11:30 PM HST

Emily, Scrubbed the You Tube Site.

WOW, that was quick?

Someone had their panties in a bunch.

Awue, that didn’t take long.  They Scrubbed their YouTube site and Upped the Hit-list.

What’s for Dinner?

Roast Rack of Lamb with Smashed Garlic Potato’s and Steamed Broccoli


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