I Want Your Health Care Senator

Senator Kay Hagan, a proponent of Obamacare, because she’s exempt from it, tried to explain why it’s necessary to make your life worse off, with Obamacare.  Never mind that she doesn’t have to live with Obamacare.  She’s got the Government Cadillac Insurance. We, the little people, have to live with in the Obamacare plan, the Death Panels, the Medical decisions made by some Government Bureaucrat.  Some are equal, and some are more than equal.

Explain that to a Mama Grizzly

This excuse for a Senator, that Lies, and refuses to address a constituent’s questions on Obamacare, and in the end, ignores the voter.  What a shameful example of Democrat.  Actually, a perfect example of a Democrat.  Remember this in November.  These Democrats have treated the American People with Contempt.  They Must ALL GO!

What’s for Dinner?

Smoked Salmon, Grapes, and Boursin Cheese



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