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Anniversary’s are special events.  Especially for me, because I get to sample someone else’s cooking instead of mine.  The decision to where to go for an Anniversary dinner can be a daunting one.  If the dinner event doesn’t meet expectations, and believe me, expectations are high, then the event gets remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Mauna Lani

The Mauna Lani Bay resort offers a rich selection of relaxation and culinary delights.  Not only are guests treated to great food and lodging, but spectacular sunsets.  A traditional Hawaiian ritual of greeting the evening, and the beginning of  a feast of tasty delights to embrace the visitors.


Besides good food and pampered lodging, the Mauni Lani resort offers World Class shopping and Adventures that only a true Hawaiian vacation can deliver.  The coast line views are amazing and breathtaking, the mountain views are majestic and awe inspiring.  Everything from biking, hiking, golfing, snorkeling, to just doing nothing, can be found here.   With over 101 Things to Do in Hawaii, the Big Island, you’ll need many more vacations to cover it all.

Phyllo Crusted Fish with Vegetable Couscous

Prawns, Scallops, Clams, Mussels, Light Spicy Coconut Broth

Well, now you know what was for dinner on our special day.  The long ride home back to Hilo was filled with conversations about every detail savoring this unique experience.   Also, this special date in our lives is another memory to be relived, over and over again.  We’ve been through a lot of this year.  Open Heart Surgery, a Cancer Scare with Melanoma, just staying employed and keeping our heads above financial waters.  It’s all about decisions, and making what we believe, the right decisions.  We cannot predict the future, but like the ancient Polynesian explorers that discovered Hawai’i, we can only plan and steer our fate in an ocean of uncertainty, and let Akua (God) decide our future.


Vulgar Propaganda

Vulgar Propaganda by the Leftist, in itself,  is not unusual.  It’s what they do best when they are losing in the war of ideas.  Take for example the Tea Party:  The Leftist laughed at the Teat Party, called them Teabaggers, and other names.  Even their fearless leader, the Obama, called Patriots, Teabaggers.  Let’s note that Obama is against same sex marriage, so even the most liberal of liberals, must see the disconnect.  But maybe I’m asking too much from a common sense point of view.  Then again, maybe I expect too much.

So what appeared out of the liberal leftist attempt to gain parity with the Tea Party, came the Coffee Party.  Held in swanky, hipster like cafe’s (probably, without wifi available), it quickly sank as the “Chock Full O Nuts” Party.  Not being outdone, the Leftist are now using the Persuasion of Vulgarity to get their point across.

Hey, do you really wanna be seen in public wearing this?

Now, I’ll admit, I’m one conservative constitutionalist who embraces the “F” word as part of my regular vocabulary, as much of a shock as that may be to leftists who may have already stereotyped me otherwise.  But I was not aware that the word had become synonymous with positive development and improvement.  (What a relief!)  If brandishing the “F” word across my chest and gallivanting in public is a sign of intellect and the new symbol of the party of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, then I’m more than happy to save my $22.50, thanks.  (Besides, if one’s cause were so important that such a word absolutely had to be used, the Libertarian in me wonders, why not just spell it out?)  Also somewhat amusing about the entire venture  is that the very people railing against the tea parties and against capitalism are shelling out over $20 a shirt for someone’s concocted-idea-turned-business-venture.  It’s the very Capitalist tale that so many of the progressive left heartily opposes.

Anything for Attention I suppose

Looking for Mr. Icky

Guess what Liberalism taught me today?


Ack! Lost Appetite for Dinner Tonight

Ah! Better than Alka-Seltzer


More Food For Thought

The following post features a video and commentary.  It is not my own.  I cannot add anything to either enhance or make the point even more stronger, than what the originator does.  With that said, I give you the comments, and the video.

“God Bless the United States and Our Military Personnel”

From the “Real Revo” Blog

This video has received a lot of attention. As of right now, it is showing well over a half a million hits since it was posted on March 1. It is also controversial. Many Obama supporters have claimed to debunk the video by pointing out that the events were not comparable. They argue that the event in Anbar province that President Bush attended in September 2007 was informal. The Camp Lejune event that President Obama attended, on the other hand, was more formal. They point out that it is not fair to compare two events in which the Marines are subject to different rules of behavior.

In fairness, they are correct. The events were different in many ways and the Marines present were subject to different behavioral expectations. There is, however, more to this video than that. If the content of this video were that easily debunked it would not still be drawing tens of thousands of hits per day. The different degrees of formality aside, this video is quite revealing.

In the video, the Marines exhibit obvious love and respect for President Bush. His visit was not an event that followed closely on the heels of 9/11. This video was taken after the worst days of the war and after the surge created major progress in the region. The president is visiting the troops in Anbar Province, the home of the infamous Falluja and Ar Ramadi killing grounds. This visit took place after the province had been pacified. In other words, the Marines showed their love of Mr. Bush even after the darkest days of the war.

The Lejune video, on the other hand, shows Obama entering with all the pomp and circumstance of a royal visit to the peasants. Hail to the Chief plays in the background; something that President Bush didnt allow during his military visits. Obama knows that keeping the Marines locked at the position of attention means that no comparison can ever be made to the loving reception President Bush regularly received from the troops. Obama knows how the Marines feel and will always treat them exactly like the rabble he sees.

This is the real truth of the video and why it is so popular. It warms the heart of Bush supporters to see President Bush receive the love, gratitude and respect of these warriors. It angers Obama supporters because they also see the love President Bush receives and they know their man will never see anything similar from the troops. They know that these warriors loved the last president and will never give similar respect to this one.

A good YouTube video stirs the emotions and this one does that. It elicits different emotions in different people but the underlying truth that is the catalyst for the emotional response is the same for everyone. The Marines loved President Bush in a way they will never love President Obama.

What’s For Dinner?

Mango Glazed Chicken with Corn Relish and Local Salad Greens

Not Mine, but Cafe’ Pesto‘s

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

Peace Through Strength, if you wish for peace, you must prepare for war.  A strong nation is less likely to be attacked by its enemies.  However, what if your enemy, is from within?  Is the enemy within overtly apparent?  Is the enemy so stealthy hidden, so much that you’re not aware of your enemy’s actions against you?  Does your enemy call you an Allie, while plotting against you?  What if your enemy claims they want to help you?  Seems Counter-intuitive?  Not really, your Enemy is closer than you think.

Let’s Begin

Enemy #1: Your Government

Listen to then Hawai’i Representative, Neil Abercrombie describe Obamacare as the Patient (Public) Option.  We’re here to help you, the government says.  This is the Stealth Enemy.  They promise the government will take care of our health care needs.  That includes Abortion.  How is this, a “Health Care”?  In this case, Obamacare offers, efficiency in the system as run by the government.  Efficiency equates to mandates, which leads to rationing.  Which is a Death Panel.

Hawai’i’s, State Run Health Care, is not Care at all.  It’s the equivalent to the Obama quote to “Just Take A Pill“.  The Abortion provision in Obamacare, doesn’t even give the unborn the chance to experience the wonders of government run health care.  The Unborn, are the first to be Rationed from the system.  They call it choice.  I call it Murder.

Obamacare, as it is written, and as we are finding out, [Thanks, Nancy Pelosi], is rationing.  Rationing health care, is inherently built into the law.  If you are not able to contribute into the tax base, then you are tagged for Government rationing.  Why do you think parents must keep their children insured until 26 years old?  Because the government assumes the young adult, will not be a full contributor to the Federal and State Tax Base, till after 26 years of age.

What about the average 26 year old male, that has a wife, and three kids?  That’s not unusual in America.  According to the law, the Parents must have the child-adult, with a family, on their insurance plan?  Does this make any sense to you?  How much will this cost you, as the parent?  What example is this setting for our children?  Entitlement.

Enemy #2: Your  Government

Taxes, Regulations, and Laws, that Destroy Economies.  Starting with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977.  Government should never force banks to make loans to people that cannot afford them.  Yet, that is what happened.  And to make matters worse, Attorney General Janet Reno, under then President Clinton, threaten to sue lending organizations if they didn’t increase the lending risk to poorer people.  Introduce, Predatory Lending.

Rick Santelli decried the abuse of Government Regulations, and Interference in the Free Markets, Capitalism, by providing Huge Government Bailouts.  Nothing, is too big to fail.  Except for our way of life.  The General Motors bailout, the Chrysler bailout, the Banking Bailout.  All Unnecessary!  All at Taxpayer expense.  Trillions of dollars, WASTED!  Still being wasted.  A health care system, doomed to failure.  A economy, being transformed into a Socialist European model.  Stagnate.


Enemy #3: Your Government

Public Unions; a once noble institution, that fought for workers rights.  Now, just a government special interest organization.  Making slaves of the American people by bailing out the Teachers Unions to the tune of 26.1 Billion dollars.  How does this debt, benefit the future generations of America? It enslaves them.

The Unions that make an average salary 1/3 greater than the Non-Union workers.  The Unions that, with government bailouts, using taxpayer monies, demand pay increases, paid for by increased taxes.   Unions, with government help, prevent non-union workers from work, unless they pay a fee, equal to a Union dues.  Legal Extortion for Work.

And if you don’t like it, the Unions just might bust you up:

A short time later, a black sedan pulled up and several men exited with baseball bats, ran up to the two trucks and repeatedly slammed the bats into the windows. As the workers exited the trucks, at least two were then physically assaulted with the baseball bats, and one victim had to be hospitalized. Another victim was able to use his cell phone to photograph the assailants and their vehicle.

Police said the construction site is being protested by Local 401 of the Iron Workers Union.

Unions are Slaves to the Government.  Government, is the new Slave Masters.  The Plantation attitude government has, this government, the Obama Regime, makes people fear government.  Employers are wary to hire, because they don’t know what government will do to regulate and tax them.  Government needs to FEAR US!

Meanwhile, the government continues to grow.  The money has to come from someplace.  Because the government does not produce anything that people want.  You don’t buy government services.  The government taxes you for those services.   Whether you want it or not.  The Government treats you like children, you can never grow up, and you must pay for your child, till 26 years of age, after you have kicked them out of the house, and the cycle of dependence, government dependence, never goes away.  Meanwhile, the rest of us, are paying for this.

Enemy #4: Your Government

The Welfare State.

The Ultimate American Slavery.

You don’t have to know it.

You just have to love it.


What’s for Dinner?



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Begun, The Census Wars Has


Consider this scenario, then answer these questions:  Someone comes to your property, they lift the latch on your gate, and enter onto your property.  This person, entering your property, you neither know them, nor do you know what they want.  Are they there to do you harm?  Are they there to steal your property?  You don’t know?

What would your reaction be to this intruder?

What would you do?

This actually happened here in Hawai’i.  From West Hawai’i Today:

When I opened his gate and walked in … he stepped out of his garage and said, ‘Please get off my property,'” Haas said Friday. Haas said he identified himself as a Census worker, and the man again requested for him to leave.

At this point, the Census worker has trespassed onto the homeowners property.  A clear violation of the law.  After repeatedly asked to leave, the census worker argues with the homeowner, and refuses to leave the homeowners property.  Finally, the homeowner calls the police.  The police arrive, question both the homeowner and the trespasser, and then the officers tell the census worker to leave the homeowners property.

What happens next is mind numbing.  The census worker challenges the police officers.  Instead of leaving, reporting the situation back to census headquarters, the census worker challenges the police.  Think about this, the census worker is ordered off the homeowner’s property, he refuses, get’s belligerent with the police, and then the inevitable happens:

“I turned to him [the police] and said, ‘Or what?‘ And he said, ‘I’ll lock you up.'” And I turned back and said, ‘So make your case.’ They threw the cuffs on me, took me down to Keaau Police Station and I waited there until my daughter bailed me out.” Haas’ bail was $25.

According to the Census Bureau website, people are required by federal law to respond to the census. Title 13 of the U.S. Code says adults who refuse or willfully neglect to complete the questionnaire can be fined up to $100, and people who refuse to answer questions posed by census takers can be fined up to $5,000.

The arrogance of the census worker could not be clearer.  If the census worker was properly trained, he should have returned to the census management, reported the events that transpired, and then let the higher authorities take appropriate action.   Instead, the census worker thought he was above the law.  The census worker was Wrong!

As it turns out (I hate using that phrase), the charges were dismissed against the census worker.  The judge also required the police to better train their officers when dealing with the census workers.  Afterwords, a flurry of criticism came out on several blogs against the police.  However, what about the census worker kuleana?

The Kona Blog posted a heated criticism of the police actions in this whole fiascoes.  I highly respect the Kona Blog, and I find the posts interesting, informative, and sometimes, provocative.  I disagreed with the criticism of the police, and I posted a response:

My point was that the census worker is equally at fault, and should be held to the same standards.  If anyone knows how the subdivisions are laid out in the Puna district, I think you would reconsider who should bear the bulk of the criticism.  People are quick to criticize the police.  On this island, there is one police officer, per 1000 people.  Where as on the island of O’Ahu, there is one police officer per 100 people.  That ratio of 1000 to 1, causes a huge amount of stress on law enforcement, spread thinly, on the Big Island.  Often, with open hostility towards the police.

Now, enter in Mr. Portantbody:

Now, normally I wouldn’t pay no never mind to the hyperbole, delusions of grandeur, this blogger, that replied to my posts.  No, he’s really not that important to me at all, but it’s just too tempting not to indulge, and engage, in a laughable piece of hypocrisy.  Note the ALL-CAPS comment.  Oh, so loud!

WRONG: Census workers are NOT mandated to be on your property?

The Law States: People are required to respond to the census.

That’s what the law says.  But why let facts get in the way of the truth.  You cannot argue with Idiots.  Or can you?

Well, the Kona Blog wanted more traffic, well, let’s see how this works out.  I don’t want to flood the Kona Blog with needless hyperbole, when I could use this delicious bit of stupidity, by a self-absorbed liberal nutcase, to make a point.

I have no idea, nor do I care, and I don’t know why this individual would have any involvement in a case that was between the Hilo Police and a Census worker.  Note, he says “in a sense“, what does that mean?  I guess this guy thinks he’s some kinda ultimate arbitrator.  If that’s so, then why do we need the courts, we have Mr. Portantbody!  [He’s Mister Important Body] YEA!

So, let’s all review shall we: Property invasion, belligerent worker get cuffed and canned, judge makes both parties kiss and make up.  Everyone goes away and lives happily ever after.

Fact: Everyone, that has a mailing address got the census form.

This homeowner is a Police Officer, you don’t think they already got the census form?  Filled it out, and sent it in?

Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t.

It’s not the census workers job to trespass on private property.

Here’s a reason why you should side with the police.  You don’t know if someone entering your property, is either there to do you harm, or to steal from you.  The subdivisions in Puna have a real problem with property theft.  You read about it in the newspaper everyday.  Read my post comment, a census worker actually tried to enter my property.  I was appalled, and angry, by the census worker’s attempt to enter my property.  We have scammers, disguised as census workers trying to rip people off.  I didn’t know who this person was, but I was deeply offended by this person’s attempt to enter my property.  I can only imagine what the property owner was thinking at the time.

It’s a fact, Jack!  People get robbed here.   Here’s a video of a Puna homeowner, tired of being ripped off by people trespassing on his property, catches a potential thief checking out the gate.  This happens a lot here.  You have to defend yourself.  Read the comments from the YouTube Poster.  Pahoa had a real problem with theft crime, until the video camera’s went up.

Watch this video and judge for yourself:


We have had many issues with people stealing/vandalizing our property.
We’ve had our news papers lit on fire and melted the flaming delivery box onto my yard. Someone stole our entire gate one afternoon when I came home for lunch and left it unlocked for the 30 minutes while I ate a sandwich. When I went to leave my gate was gone.

Over the years we have been building a rock wall along the front of our property and installed a electric gate opener for those rainy Puna days. About a year ago my wife was leaving and the gate opener seemed to malfunction, but when I looked at it after work I noticed the automatic opener was unbolted and disconnected…. sorta just laying there… I had cut the threads on the bolts so someone couldnt just unbolt it and walk off with it, guess it only worked on about half the fasteners. Having them welded this weekend.
We installed several wilife video cameras around the property.

Yesterday while we were at the beach our cameras captured this… Gate is scratched up but otherwise seems to of held up well…

And now, the hypocrisy:

While reading a story at the Big Island Chronicle Blog:

Within the last couple of hours the women depicted in these photographs were caught on surveillance stealing approximately $150 worth of merchandise from Jeff Hunt Surfboards in Pahoa.

Pretty nonchalant, don’tcha think?  This is the same person that thinks the Census worker have the right to trespass on your property.  When did property rights go out the window, along with individual rights?

Stupid is as Stupid does

What’s for Dinner?

Some People Wear Their Eggs Better Than Others



Movie Trailer: I Want Your Money

H/T: Verum Serum

If this comes to Hilo, I am so there, with Popcorn!

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Hilo’s Borders Bookstore Is Closing

¿Victims of Obamanomics?

Hilo’s Borders Book Store at Waiakea Center is closing.  A landmark on the corner of Highway 11 (Kanoelehua, or Mamalahoa highway), and Maka’ala street, across from the Prince Kūhio Plaza.  The bookstore opened in 1997 and employed 35 workers.  Apparently the business failed to meet its financial objectives.  Yet, the store was always packed with shoppers.  Borders also had a Starbucks coffee shop inside that kept readers tweaked with caffeine while perusing through the printer word.  A huge library of books and music could be found here, with the largest variety of Hawaiiana and Local music available.  I will personally miss Borders, not only because of the books, but the music.  We had the pleasure of seeing Hapa perform Live at Borders at their CD Release of their latest album, “MAUI“.

Well, 40% off is a bargain.  So, we took advantage of the sale and bought a few books.

Newsworthy in itself by the approval by Congress of the Academia, but Legal illiterate and experienced, Elena Kagan.  Of the three branches of American Government, this is important book everyone should read to understand how the Supreme Court makes decisions that effect every American’s lives.

A book that defines and explains the the Constitution, the Founders Principals, and how Conservationism is America’s Future.  This is a must read that outlines the Liberal Assault on Constitution-Based Values, Individual Freedoms,  and Liberty for all Americans.

The one book that explains the conceit and errors of Socialism.  How Economics and Political thinking can influence  Governments.  The Free Markets and the Abuse of Reason.  The Utopia of Hope and Change, and the Crushing Reality of Economic Control and Totalitarianism, of the Individual and Collectivism, and how Socialism was rooted in the rise of Naziism.  This is history, that will repeat itself, if not understood.

The Liberal Bible.   The Definition of Godless, Statism, Collectivism, and Altruism.  The belief  of the Liberal Political Doctrine is that the Government—The State—has the right to initiate the use of physical force against its citizens (I.E. Obamacare).  How often force is to be used, and against whom, to what extent, for what purpose and for whose benefit, are irrelevant questions.  The basic principle and the ultimate results of all Statist doctrines are the same: Dictatorship.

Not An Endorsement, But A Question:

Who are the Candidates?

What are their beliefs?

All sorts of Elected Wannabes stand on the Highways and wave to the cars passing by.  Some are more known than others.  For example, Neil Abercrombie; a unimpressive record of accomplishments as Hawai’i’s 1st district Representative, in fact none at all, a Union Shill, and a Obama Puppet.  Even Abercrombie’s logo is eerily similar to Obama’s.  However, his political beliefs are aligned with Obama’s belief in Statism.

That should be enough to know who Neil is.

The Symbol of Statism

With the 2010 elections coming soon, everyone, should know who it is, that wants that seat of power.  What are their beliefs and their values.  Are they Conservative?  Are they Liberal?  Are they for less taxes and smaller government?  Or are they for Bigger Government and more Taxes?  They are either one, or the other.  There is no mix, no Hapa (no Part), solution.  You either is, or is not.

If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.

– Sun Tzu

What’s for Dinner?

Grilled Opah with Spicy Mango Pineapple Salsa over Jasmine Rice


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