Labor Day

Hawai’i’s elections are coming soon, and the political landscape is pretty much certain for some, and not so much for others.  Hawai’i being a very deep blue state, with a democrat base made mostly of union support.  And rightly so, the money poured into Hawai’i’s economy is largely government money.  The bright side is that jobs were created and Hawai’i enjoys a lower unemployment rate from that of the rest of the nation.  However, let’s take a look at the unemployment rate over the years.  Let’s go back to the Clinton and Bush years, and where we are today.

The following graphics are data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The following graphics will point to a specific time in history when events changed the unemployment numbers in Hawai’i.  What’s important to remember is where we were, when these events happened.  Compare and contrast the National Unemployment rate against the Hawaiian local rate.

Unemployment Rates, National and Hawai’i

When compared to the rest of the United States, the unemployment rate in Hawai’i tracks mostly along with the national rate.  What is interesting is the trend over presidential terms.  Unemployment was tracking downward during the Bush years.  That trend would have continued, if not for the democrats and Obama’s malfeasance in handling of the economy.  Yes We Can, really meant, Destroy We Will.  The numbers don’t lie, but Obama does.

Hawai’i’s Unemployment Rate

The overall picture shows that unemployment in Hawai’i is rising, dramatically.  The answer to the why is simple.  Look at the dates in history, and answers jump right out at you.  It’s hard to debate why events like this look like a wave of good times, low unemployment, and bad times, high unemployment.  There are many examples of where in times of prosperity, have been times of low unemployment.  Profound?  Not really.  Look at the unemployment history through a top down, 50,000 foot view, at what has been successful in keeping Hawai’i’s unemployment rates low.  Also, remember who was elected into office, during these times.  Let’s review the results.

Timeline:  The Beginning of the Bush Years

The Clinton years were ending, the House was ruled by Republicans during the Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America.  There was a certain amount of entitlement the Democrats lost when Al Gore wasn’t elevated enough to succeed his boss.  Then, the country was more apathetic, neither interested in who would win.  The hanging chads, Florida, was the center of the universe for a very short time.

Bush did win, and it seemed like a smooth journey to limited government and low taxes.  Then, September 11 happened.  There was this attack against America.  It shook the American people with great uncertainty.  Hawai’i, with a reliance on Tourism, saw their businesses slow, hotels were laying off, other jobs were being lost due the attack upon America.  Never have we’ve seen this since the Attack on Hawai’i by the Japanese.

The attack on our nation was an attempt to destroy our economy.  Bush countered with tax cuts to stimulate business.  It worked.  Tax revenues were increasing, the national debt was stabilized, American enjoyed a period of prosperity. Still, spending was out of control.  That was then.

Timeline: Democrats Take House and Senate

This is approaching now.  At this time in history, an event took place that changed the unemployment landscape.  The year was 2006, the month was November.  Mid Term Elections.  It didn’t take less than a month before the newly elected Democrats started the upward spiral to record unemployment in Hawai’i’ Nei.  This was the beginning of when Gas Prices went sky high.  Although the current unemployment rate in Hawai’i are less than the national rate, the trend should state to be obvious to anyone.

George W. Bush was President during the 2000-2008 years.  In 2006, the Democrats took the House of Representatives.  In 2008, America voted in this clown Obama, who keeps saying he’s not going to give back the keys to the car.  Obama, is a divisive president.  Obama, in the course of just two years has managed to nationalize the automobile industry, the financial industry, and the health care industry.  Spending increased exponentially under the Obama Regime.

Today, business sits on the side-lines, waiting.  Waiting for Obama’s next move.  Small businesses are worried, will Obama increase taxes.  If Obama lets the Bush Tax Cuts expire at the end of the year, it will hurt investment, employers will not hire and expand their business.  What incentives will businesses have to invest, hire, and grow?  Instead, businesses will scramble to keep profitable, while having to fill out 1099 tax form for every $600.00 transaction.

If Obama extends the Bush Tax Cuts, then Obama must agree with the Bush economic policies.  Blaming the Bush economic policies is what Obama likes to do.  But it’s been two years now, and Obama’s economic team has been leaving like rats on a sinking ship.  The latest to abandon ship was the clueless Christina Romer.  As she was leaving, she said “we gave it our best shot“, she said, “what’s needed now is more government spending and lower taxes“.

The government bureaucracy grows and continues to place hurdles in front of small business.  Private sector jobs are not growing, but public sector jobs are growing.  Jobs that are paid through taxes.  Benefits that are paid through taxes.  This trend is unsustainable.  The pensions for these jobs are being paid for by taxpayers.  Public worker pensions are in trouble.  There’s not enough revenue income to sustain public pensions that pay out, more than they take in.

Timeline: Obama’s Economic Policies Spike Rise in Unemployment

This morning, this Labor Day morning, I’m listening to the Lier in Chief, give a speech about the economy, and again blames Bush.  Yet, in front of this mostly Union group of hypnotized shills, the Obama lies about the economy.  The club of academia, that never ran a business, is making policy decisions that will further slow business growth. 

During the Bush years, those years that Obama says created the economic crash, those policies that put this country on the path to economic ruin.  Which the Obama now wants to fix.  Along with a Democrat Congress, passed more economic nightmares upon the American people.  Obamacare.  We are only now, finding out what’s in the bill, that Nancy Pelosi said we needed to pass.  Just like TARP, they passed it and no one knew what was in it.

Look at the trend.  Unemployment was cycling up and down, but the trend was moving lower during the Bush years.  Or as Charles Gibson, ABC News, would ask of Sarah Palin; “The Bush Doctrine“.  No matter what Bush was doing, there was a hostile news media following the Bush Administrations ever move.  Reliving those Vietnam years, those years where the media, both print and video, were the only national opinion.  Today, we also have the internet.  There’s more information, and fact checking, being done at the speed of light, than ever before.  Truth were to be told.

So we are watching Obama collapse our economic system and change it into a socialist model.  A model much like Europe.  But wait, Europe is moving away from their socialist model, and embracing a Capitalist model.  Our model.

If something isn’t done soon, our way of life in this country will end.

What’s For Dinner?

Pan Seared Ono over Vegetable Risotto


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