Burning The Quran

It’s free speech.  You can have a Crucifix, in a jar of urine, and call it art.  You can have a bomb in a Muslim Turban, and call it a cartoon.  You can call Judaism a gutter religion, you can call Christianity a religion of bigots, but don’t you say anything about Islam, but only good things.  Else, you are called an Islamophobe.

For It, Or Against It!

Ignoring the problem with Islam, in particular Hamas and Hezbollah, is like ignoring the problem of Pedophilia Catholic Priest’s.  Islamic fathers killing their children for being too western, are no different than pedophile Priest’s.  They both have destroyed lives.  However, you can leave the Catholic religion.  Not so much with Islam.

When you’re a Jet

You’re a Jet all the way

From your first cigarette

To your last dyin’ day.

And a Dying day is more likely than any other reality within the Islamic lifestyle, if you can call it a lifestyle.  More like the lack of assimilation, the lack of tolerance for others, and the call for DEATH against anyone who mocks Islam.  Yet, anyone who is not a Muslim, is treated with extreme prejudice.  We have to be tolerant.

However, that attitude pales in contrast when political correctness chooses to ignore the problem.  And Islam has a problem.  Within the Catholic Diocese, they a re cleaning up a great problem, if not quietly.  Other religions have similar problems, and they do, but their problems are not like Islams problems.

They Kill People, Even Their Own Children

Religious and Political, Islam subdivides its people into gender types and discriminates.  Until a point, when….,


If Adultery were an offense in this country; America, deserving of the same justice as Islamic Shariah Law delivers, then we as a nation are traveling backwards as a society.   If we were to allow these atrocities to be allowed in this country; America.  I wonder if Politicians can be held under these scrutinies.  Could you see Americans stoning Bill Clinton?  I think some Americans think a stoning is sitting around the Huka pipe.

Peace Pipe?

Can there be real Peace?  What if you don’t want Peace?  What if Peace is a condition of a particular religious dogma?  What if that religion, threatens you with death?  What if this religion, commits acts of violence against its women, its children, against homosexuals, against apostates? How can you defend this?

You’d Speak Up!

However, only a handful of Muslims have spoken up against the radical elements within the Islamic religion.  I want to say cult, but I won’t.  However, it would help me if I could see, hear, and feel Islamic Tolerance.  To date, that has not happened.  Neither demonstrated, written about, spoken about…., its just not there.

Book Burning

The decision to burn the Quran, the Islamic book considered important to Muslims, by a Christian group, is a dumb idea.  Provocation is not a good idea, just like the Ground Zero Mosque.  It’s a Provocation.  Just like the Irish Protestants that marched onto Catholic neighborhoods in Northern Ireland to show their dominance.  Just like the Muslims that carry signs calling for the beheading of Infidels.  Just like the building of Religious Monuments to Religious Conquests.  Just like the Ground Zero Mosque, and Just like the Quran book burnings.   Tolerance is expected, and intolerance should never be allowed to be accepted, due to Political Correctness.   However, when does tolerance, step over the line, and be all one-sided, due to Political Correctness?

When it Threatens Lives

Yeah, This is America, Love it, or Leave It

I worry about our military.  The ACLU wants to aid the Islamic Radicals, by prosecuting the Military.  Yet some crackpot church is getting major publicity because they will burn the equivalent of the Muslim Bible?  We have an openly hostile Regime that hates the Military.  That’s within our own country, that’s why the Fort Hood Massacre, has been buried.  Other attacks against our Country, America, by Islamic Muslim Terrorist, buried.

I worry about the people that never had a choice, because their religion forbade it, was also political and social.  Their Laws, are Religious Laws.  Our Left, reminds us about the “separation, of Church and State”.

We are also reminded about tolerance.  I’m reminded by history.  I believe in actions, proves intentions.

Gee, is Atheism looking more attractive? 

Or what?

What’s for Dinner?

A Call To Future Generations



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