Passive Terrorism

Passive Terrorism

Threats, and more deception, by Imam Rauf.  In an interview with ABC’s Christiane Amanpour, a make believe reporter-ette with a strong bias towards terrorists, interviewed for the program “This Week“, Imam Rauf, a terrorist, and Austan Goolsbee, Obama’s latest economic Court Jester.  Putting Goolsbee, a Seinfeld wannabe, in charge of the economic advisory, is, in itself, a joke.  But the interview with the terrorist Imam Rauf, is what caught my attention.

AMANPOUR: Tell me about your plans for the Islamic center.

Are you going to keep it at Park 51, where you proposed?

RAUF: The decisions that I will make — that we will make — will be predicated on what is best for everybody.

AMANPOUR: How do you decide that?

RAUF: That’s been very difficult and very challenging, because, unfortunately, the — the discourse has been, to a certain extent, hijacked by the radicals.

The radicals on both sides, the radicals in the United States and the radicals in the Muslim world, feed off each other. And to a certain extent, the attention that they’ve been able to get by the media has even aggravated the problem.

Radicals in the United States?  By radicals, you mean the People who do not want to be Subjugated by Sharia Law?  By radicals, you mean the people committing act of violence in the name of your religion?  By Radicals, you mean people who would burn the Quran, and people that would burn the American Flag?  By Radicals, you mean people that would commit acts of violence, property destruction, murder, in the name of Islam?

AMANPOUR: 71 percent of New Yorkers say it should be moved. What is your main reason for not wanting to move it?

RAUF: My major concern with moving it is that the headline in the Muslim world will be Islam is under attack in America, this will strengthen the radicals in the Muslim world, help their recruitment, this will put our people — our soldiers, our troops, our embassies, our citizens — under attack in the Muslim world and we have expanded and given and fueled terrorism.

Well, they are your people, and they’ll use any excuse to riot.   Because you know they have no real knowledge of what’s going on in America.  Most of your people cannot read, cannot get information, except through sources other than work-of-mouth.  Where print and media exists, the bias will be particularly anti-American.  This is your “Muslim World“, Imam Rauf.  What message are you delivering to, “Your World“, Rauf?


You are also a Muslim.  What message are you delivering to your people?  You talk about the perception in the Muslim World, but you do not defend the American view.  Your message is to divide the American people on emotional levels, for or against.  The end result is going to be the same; assimilation into Sharia Law, now or later, your choice.

I Chose NOT!

RAUF: I have never made a threat. I’ve never made a threat, never expressed a threat, never — I’ve never — I would never threaten violence ever, because I am a man of peace, dedicated to peace.

We have two audiences. We have the American audience and we have the Muslim audience. And this issue has riveted the attention of the whole Muslim world. And whatever we do and whatever say and how we move and the discourse about it is being watched very, very closely. And if we make the wrong move, it will only expand and strengthen the voice of the radicals and the extremists.

Choose your allegiance carefully, Rauf.  We are Americans.  Religion is an individual decision, not a collective decision.  In your world, the individual is compelled to bow before Islam.  Just like Obama has done.  You want America to BOW before Islam?

That Is Not Gonna Happen.

AMANPOUR: Sarah Palin made a — a famous Tweet saying please reconsider, the feelings are too raw.

What did you think about that?

RAUF: I felt it disingenuous, to a certain extent. The fact of the matter is, A, this has been used for political purposes. And there’s growing Islamophobia in this country.

How else would you describe the fact that mosques around the country are now being attacked? We are Americans, too. As — we are — we are treated and talked about today as if — as if American Mus — and Muslims are not Americans.

We are Americans. We — we — we are — we are doctors. We are investment bankers. We are taxi drivers. We are store keepers. We are lawyers. We are — we are part of the fabric of America.

And the way that America today treats its Muslims is being watched by over a billion Muslims worldwide. And the battleground today, Christiane, is not between Islam and the West. The battleground has been moderates of all faith traditions in all the countries of the world against the radicals of all faith traditions in all parts of the world.

If there was any demonstration of being Disingenuous, it is you, Imam Rauf.  You deliberately caused a religious uproar in America, and around the world.  Your attempt to demonize America, into capitulating to your religion that captures both political and social values, and goes against what the Constitution of the United States stands for.

You would twist our laws and call it Sharia compliant.  Foolish, Stupid, and Deliberately Confrontational.  You obviously have no idea what our Constitution means.  You, either, do not understand the United States Constitution, or you are deliberately using it, to undermine, redefine, and change the meaning of Our Constitution, into your perverted view of Sharia Law.

Worried about the Muslim world?

What about the American World?

Yes, there is an American World.  Why do people, like yourself, want to find Freedom, here, in America?  Why do people around the world, want to come to this nation, you call Radicals,  Bigots, Racists, Homophobes, and Islamophobes?  Why do you want to be here, in America?  Wouldn’t you be better off in Saudi Arabia?

This is stealth terrorism by Imam Rauf.  This is the extortion of American Freedoms.  Capitulate to Islam, or else.  That’s the message to America by the Terrorist, Imam Rauf.

Yes, Imam Rauf is a Terrorist.  A Stealth, Passive Terrorist.   He’s using Fear, Uncertainly and Doubt, to manipulate the American People, the Politically Correct Crowd, and his Radical Islamic Muslim Terrorists, to Hate America.  A terrorist, like Rauf, doesn’t need to wear a bomb vest.  He can just use Anxiety, as an Allie, to force his will upon others.  This is the way of Sharia Law.

Go ahead Rauf, build your trophy to Islam at Ground Zero.  Make sure you rub it in our faces.  Continue to call us radicals.  Keep threatening us with Radical consequences.  Veiled, passive, threats.

Islam proselytizes through intimidation, threats, and violence

What’s For Dinner?

Not Falafel


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