The Palin Factor

Establishment Candidates Out


Christine O’Donnell won the Delaware State primary.  Endorsed by the Tea Party, Jim DeMint, and Sarah Palin.  The reaction by the establishment within the Republican party was disgraceful.  They openly attacked O’Donnell over trivial issues, whereas, Mike Castle, the establishment candidate, voted with democrats.  Castle, an establishment Republican (RINO), also went along with other democrats to impeach George Bush.  Mike Castle is not an Moderate Republican.  He is a:

RINO – Republican In Name Only

The Tea Party movement is putting America in the Right Direction.  The Republican GOP Establishment Party, disgraced themselves by refusing to back the better candidate.  Why?

State and national Republicans have made no secret of the fact that O’Donnell’s questionable personal finances and public misstatements — she once said she carried two out of the state’s three counties in her 2008 race against Biden but she didn’t — made her close to unelectable.

Character issues?  Yeah, so?  What Politician hasn’t done the same thing?  Resume’ Embellishment?  When have you’ve heard of any Politician not embellishing their own resume’?  We have a solid conservative in O’Donnell.

Mike Castle voted for Cap and Tax.  Mike Castle voted against conservative values.  Mike Castle has character issues. So, what’s the difference?  The difference is, one that will vote with the flow, the other is one that will vote Conservative.

Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow

[Sarah Palin]

National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), has refused to back O’Donnell.  Yet, they would support Castle.  Where’s the sense in that?  This is the problem within the Republican party.  Too many establishment, entrenched, make believe conservatives, that continue to vote for unpopular and expensive legislation.

Gateway Pundit

Shame, because I will not grace my donations to the NRSC.

This reminds me of the New York 23 race when Newt Gingrich endorsed Dede Scozzafava.  It also reminds me when Gingrich scolded us on not being more moderate, else we would continue to wander in the political wilderness.  Gingrich could not be more wrong.  Forgotten Values.  Forgotten Principals.


Congratulations to Christine O’Donnell on winning the Delaware Primary!

We know you’ll make a Great Senator!

You are on your way, and we will support you!

NRSC Changes mind, decides to support O’Donnell

This should have been a No Brainer from the Beginning.


What Do We Do Now?



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