Elect Ramsay Wharton: Hawai’i Congressional District 2

Ramsey Puanani Wharton

2nd Congressional District


Hawai’i needs better representation in Congress.  Ramsey Wharton is the right person for the job.  Hawai’i needs an independent voice that will not follow lockstep with the Executive Branch.  Hawai’i needs a Representative that will follow the Constitution and fight for sound economic policies.   With Ramsey Wharton in the 2nd Congressional District, along with Charles Djou in the 1st District, the people of Hawai’i will have the right voices in Congress to better represent the needs of Hawai’i.

For far too long, the liberal democrats have placed Hawai’i on a dangerous economic path by supporting Obamacare, Cap and Tax, Failing Schools, and an Over-Reaching Government Regulations.  Under the current Representative of Mazie Hirono, the people of Hawai’i have been ignored.  Under Hirono mismanagement, Hawai’i finds itself in danger of rising taxes, rising food prices, rising unemployment, and rising energy costs.  Hirono has followed and voted for the Marxist-Socialist Obama administration policies without question.  The decisions Hirono has made puts the People of Hawai’i in danger of not being able to afford their own homes, to get jobs, to afford to put gas in their cars, and get adequate health care.

The lackluster achievements by both Mazie Hirono, and Neil Abercronmbie, now candidate for Hawai’i Governor, has done little to benefit the people of Hawai’i.  Even now, Hirono, wants to raise your taxes by eliminating part the Bush Tax Cuts.  She says only for the wealthy.  By wealthy, anyone making over $250,000 a year.  Many small business owners will be at economic jeopardy.  Hirono claims Obama already made tax cuts, but where are they?  What has Hirono brought to Hawai’i?  How about higher unemployment:

The Hawai’i Unemployment rate is higher now than it has ever been.  Hirono was elected Hawai’i 2nd Congressional District in 2006.  Look at where the Unemployment rate is today.  Hirono’s achievements include driving business out of Hawai’i.  Hirono nods with approval when Obama says under his plan for a Cap and Tax, energy costs will necessarily skyrocket.  Along with energy cost, unemployment will skyrocket, because employers will not be able to afford to hire.  Yet, there’s Hirono voting for higher unemployment.

Hawai’i unemployment rate is going up.  Thanks to the terrible policies of  Obama, and Hirono’s support for the destruction of the American economy.  Now, Healthcare costs in Hawai’i are going to rise.  We already have a shortage of Doctors throughout the islands.  That’s only going to get worst.  This is a ripple effect of bad government by Mazie Hirono and her liberal policies.

These wealthy people that Hirono wants to Punish with higher taxes, they create jobs.

Supporting Soft Tyranny

Mazie Hirono didn’t even have the courtesy to hold Townhall Meetings with her Constituents during the Health Care debates.  No, she voted for Obamacare, and what a mess that’s turning out to be.  She also supports Cap and Tax.  That will place more regulations on people of Hawai’i.  Hirono supports the over-reaching government regulations that will tell you what kind of car you can buy, how big your house can be, what food you can have.

What can you expect by allowing more Government Malfeasance by Mazie Hirono and her liberal counterparts?  How about rising poverty rates.

One in seven Americans is living in poverty, the highest number in the half-century that the government has kept such statistics, the Census Bureau announced Thursday.

The cost of living in Paradise is already too high.  What have Hirono and Abercrombie done to provide economic relief for the people of Hawai’i?  NOTHING!  What has Hirono done to reduce run away government spending.  NOTHING!  In fact, Hirono has voted to increase spending more of your tax dollars.  The Poverty Rate in Hawai’i has gone up, not down, under Hirono’s mis-leadership.  What kind of Representation is this?

Hawai’i deserves better.

Hawai’i needs better leadership.

Hawai’i needs sensible government.

Hawai’i – Enough is Enough

Support Ramsey Puanani Wharton

What’s For Dinner?

Spinach Tortellini with Alfredo Sauce

Confusing, Isn’t It


2 Responses to “Elect Ramsay Wharton: Hawai’i Congressional District 2”

  1. Grant Says:

    I’m sadly skepical about whether the voters of the Outer Islands will be able to generate enough functioning brains-cells to rid themselves of Crazy Mazie.

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