Defying the Laws of Political Gravity

The election of Tea Party Unknowns is extremely interesting.  Alas, Refreshing.  Long Overdue.  Leaderless, and Spontaneous.  A mass of “We The People” has risen.  We see the erosion of American Exceptionalism.  We see the future of out of control government spending, as would anyone that lives within a budget could see.  We see the forces within government that would print money recklessly, and throw it at causes that make no sense.  If by sense, political cronyism.  Greasing the palms of the Public Unions.

AFL-CIO Boss on Obamacare:

‘We Drove it Down the Republican’s Throat’

Actually, you drove it down the American People’s Throat.  Everybody in America will be strapped with the debt of paying for everyone else’s health care, like it or not.  Except for the Unions.

The union carve-out is perhaps the most egregious example of special-interest pandering, but doubtless other side deals are being cut as well.

Richard (Dick) Trumka

The Face of the Union Mafia

Kneecapping America.  That’s the Union Way.  That’s the Union Label.

Proud of yourself, are you?


The attempt to define the Tea Party, and to identify the leader of the Tea Party, is a puzzle for political pundits on both sides.  The Tea Party goes against the rules of the establishment.  We are told by the Republican Gurus that certain candidates are “Unelectable”, “Kookie”, and will lose.  We are told to “Hold your Nose and Vote for the Republican In Name Only“, because they, The RINO, has a better chance on winning the elections, than the unknown candidate.  Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer, could not be more WRONG!

I’d rather lose by fighting to win, rather than being told who to vote for.  Opinions are like anuses, everybody’s got one.  So now, instead of flatulenting in the wind, and supporting a pretension, empty and inflated, hand picked by the intellectuals, candidates that would not, does not, support our values.  We’re going off the reservation and making our own decisions.  And we will defend our choice, to the bitter end.

Even the deliberate and open Racism of the NAACP, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, would charge the N-Word of Racism against the Tea Party.  See for yourself the face of the Tea Party, or at least, Freedom loving people.

Tea Party critics, on both sides, don’t seem to get what’s happening in America during this election cycle.  It’s a wave never seen before in American Politics.  History is playing out before our eyes, and it’s important that History is written, accurately, and Remembered!

Where else in political history has a person like Sarah Palin, endorsed so many Tea Party Candidates, and WON!

Allen West

The Voice of Freedom

Voices are being heard.  People are speaking out.  People are standing up.  People are gathering.  The Armies of Freedom are sharpening their vision.  The goal is simple.  Limited Government, Reduced Spending.

This is Who the Tea Party ARE


What’s for Dinner?

Phat Thai



3 Responses to “Defying the Laws of Political Gravity”

  1. Aloha Tony Says:

    Funny how the Left wants to portray the Tea Party as a bunch of extremists. When I see the pictures of them, they look like normal, middle class Americans. They just happen to be sick of the out-of-control-big-government.

    Hawaii needs a Tea Party to free us from the Dem’s control in our Legislature.

    • Kini Says:

      Aloha Tony,

      Mahalo for posting. I agree, and I’m tired of the leftist calling us racists, homophobes, and bigots. When the mud-slingers should be looking in the mirror.

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