One Nation, Trashed, Rally

One Nation Socialist Rally

The counter demonstration against Glenn Beck’s, Restoring Honor, by Communists, Socialists, and Leftist Democrats went off today.  Still awaiting for the arrest reports.  But at least, I have the trash reports.

Apparently, this site updates

The Stories and Pictures are coming in.  Compare Our Honor Rally against the Communist Rally.

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More Video Evidence of the Trashing of our National Monuments.

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Maybe they should call themselves, One Nation Under Trash.  At least at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally, people cleaned up after themselves.  Look at how the Socialists, Communists, Leftists, and Anarchists, leave their rally.  Trashed and littered.  Just like their policies.  Just like their , their lifestyle.

A Nation Trashed

What is with these people?  Aren’t these people the Environmentalists?  The Caring People?  The people that have their country at Heart?  What kind of people just discard their trash and leave?  These are the people that don’t care about their nation.  They only care about themselves.  Selfish, Disgusting, Trashy People.

They have NO Faith!

They have NO Charity!!

They have NO HONOR!!!


They Only Want Government Entitlements!!!!

This is how you treat your Country?  This is how you Treat Your Nation’s Capitol?  This is how you leave your presence?  Your Carbon Footprint, that you are always rambling on about?  You Liberals, the people that would lecture us about the Environment, Social Justice, and Equality.  You people would trash your National Monuments, your Institutions of National History and Pride.  You are shameful and disgraceful.

Who Are These People?

These people are RACISTS.  They are FASCISTS.   They are HATERS.  THEY ARE UN-AMERICAN.  IN any shape and form, they are .  They neither understand the United States Constitution, nor the Declaration of Independence.  They neither care about the environment, nor their nation.  Read their books.


Their Reading Material

Propaganda.  The Communists, Socialists, and Anarchists Manifesto’s.  The literature of Human Slavery.  This is the intellect of the left.   The Jewish Question?  What Overt Racism!!!  Islamic literature, standing along side with other Marxist literature, shows the bond of slavery between these two extremest philosophies.


See any American Flags?

Not One.

I didn’t want to watch, but I did watch, CSPAN for several hours.  I listened to the 10:2 speeches.  I listened to the Anti-American Rhetoric.  I watched Harry Belafonte, the famed Day-Oh Banana Boat singer, and committed Communist, give a particularly disgusting tirade against the Tea Party.  Yet, this idiot boob would kiss the feet of Hugo Chavez.  A failed Communist.

The Fat Man from MSNBC, Ed  Schultz, tried in vain to inspire the clueless crowds of hapless collectivists into a frothy frenzy.  It didn’t work.  There was no inspiration.  No excitement.  No Nothing!  Just Trash.


At least with Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally, the people who attended our rally left the grounds of our National Monuments better off than they were before.  Which means we care for our nation, our environment, our future, more so than this collection of single-minded drones.

What’s it like to be forced to attend a rally?  Did you go voluntary?  Did you really, really want to attend this rally?  You really didn’t have anyplace you’d rather be, than here.  Bussed in, like cattle.  Pathetic.

What’s for Dinner?

Barbeque Chicken Wings

Charcoal Grilled to Meet Environmental Standards



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