Want Higher Taxes Hawai’i? Vote Democrat


Democrats are planning to raise your taxes Hawai’i

If Neil Abercrombie and Brian Snottz (schatz), get elected as Governor, Lieutenant Governor; and Colleen Hanabusa, and Maise Hirona get reelected as State Representatives, District 1 and 2, respectively, of this Great State of Hawai’i, then your taxes will go up.  They promised to raise your taxes.  They’ve said so.  They have done so, and they will do so again, and again.  This is how democrats work.  They spend other peoples money.


Friends of Higher Taxes

Abercrombie, Schatz, Hanabusa, Hirono

Beware of these four, because they will raise your taxes in Hawai’i.   These democrats are Obama minions.  They don’t care about the people of Hawai’i, their constituents are the unions that are sucking the life-blood of jobs, and the money out of your wallets.  All four have an unimpressive records of achievement in public office.  In fact, they all voted for Obamacare.  They voted for Tax and Spend.  What else will they do to take more of your hard earned money?  None of them have ever run a business, made a payroll.  They are career politicians.  TICKS!

Abercrombie.  What has he done for Hawai’i during his years in Congress?  Nothing.  What will Abercrombie do for Hawai’i?  He will raise your taxes.  He claims that Furlough Fridays would not have happened under his watch.  Sure, because he would have raised your taxes to please the unions.

Brian Snottz just follows the leader.  Just like Abercrombie, he just follows the marching orders of Dan (Inyourway) Inouye.  Learning how to steal with only one hand.

Hanabusa and Hirono.  Oh please.  They gush over Obama like he’s the second coming of the Christ.  Like two little school girls, they have never demonstrated any real leadership, they just attack their opponents and follow the status qou as defined by Dan Inouye and Dan Akaka.  Free thinking is not allowed.

Accomplishments?  Because of these people, Hawai’i has the highest income taxes in the nation at 11%.  This is your tax dollars at work.  Don’t believe me, see the data for yourself.

Source: Grassroots Institute of Hawai’i

But that’s not the only source of excessive taxation by Hawai’i democrats.  Former Mayor of Honolulu, Mufi Hannemann, rammed through the Train to Nowhere project.  Build it, and no one will use it.  Light Rail has never worked, and the expenses to maintain such a project will eventually spill over from Honolulu onto the neighboring islands.  Can we really afford this?  We already have The Bus.  Why do we need Light Rail?  Let’s see how it’s working elsewhere.

Wacky Birkenstock Ideas

Who does the Light-Rail benefit?  Unions

The value of public transportation works only when it is of value to the local residents.  When does it benefit the working public?  And Not just the Public Unions?  However, the Unions stand to benefit from the construction of the rail.  During, and after, the completion of this economic behemoth, this money pit, this drain on resources, the taxpayers will end up paying the bills.  Don’t think the Unions won’t force local politician to raise taxes.



Can you believe this?  These are union people.  Whom do they care are about?  The greater good of the people?  Or themselves?  This entitlement mentality that feeds off the tax dollars of the American people.  If these people would only understand what damage they are doing to themselves, to everyone else, to America.  This is the way of socialism, the way of communism, this is totalitarianism.   This is your Hawai’i DemocRats!!!




Don’t Expect these DemocRats to do the right thing




Grilled Opah over Jasmine Rice and Saute’ Vegetables



4 Responses to “Want Higher Taxes Hawai’i? Vote Democrat”

  1. Who has experience with network marketing and taxes? | Offline Marketing Tips and Information - Free Article Resources Says:

    […] Want Higher Taxes Hawai'i? Vote Democrat « E Māua Ola i Moku o Keawe Share and Enjoy: […]

  2. Adam Prall Says:

    That’s hilarious. Aiona and his I’ll tax the crap out of us small business owners, create the worst GE tax disaster in history, completely screw up the state budget, and cripple thousands of businesses and Hawaii’s schools, and you’re criticizing the people who got us millions in federal funding, raised taxes less than the national norm, and have kept Hawaii afloat despite Lingle/Aiona’s best efforts? I guess Aiona’s BS propaganda worked on you! Not to mention his hate speech, the kind which is resulting in teen suicides around the country. You should be ashamed!

    • Kini Says:

      Records speak for themselves. Or don’t you read?
      Hawai’i democrat legislators have consistency raised taxes. Hawai’i democrats are hostile to private business, large and small. But the democrats love their unions though.

      But don’t let facts get in your way. All that federal funding you harp about; where did it go? Into the pockets of the unions. Didn’t help small business one bit.

      So while you’re licking Abercrombie’s nether regions, think about that Obamacare disaster these democrats helped to pass. Then come up for air sometime.

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