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Obama reveals himself as the Lier in Chief.  Obama kept saying, “if you like your doctors, you can keep them”, “if you like your insurance, you can keep it”, all lies.  This is nothing more than the largest expansion of government into private industry.  This is the government taking over the entire health care industry.  What will happen?

We’re seeing the beginning of the deliberate collapse of the insurance industry.  Insurance rates are increasing because the government is manipulating the market.  We’re seeing the cost of medical equipment and supplies increase.  This was all part of the plan, to force out private insurance companies, and the government to control the manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies.

The government will soon, if it already hasn’t already done so, create an agency that will oversee the cost structure of Obamacare.  This will be the government agency that will decide whether you will get the care you need, or not.  This is your Death Panel.



Nothing else can be considered but full repeal of this legislation. This legislation that will increase the national debt, destroy industries, and degrade the worlds best health care system in the world, into a third world system of over-regulation government control.

None of the real issues to address the real problems with health care were ever addressed.  Tort reform, buying insurance across state lines, are just two key issues not addressed in Obamacare.  Children will be insured by their parents till the age of 26.  Well into young adulthood.  What about those under 26 families with three kids of their own?  That’s not uncommon here in Hawai’i.

Meanwhile, the government continues to spend itself into a massive financial hole that will effect everyone in America.  Anyone with a retirement plan will see that plan evaporate when either inflation or default happens.  It’s just a matter of time before this bubble bursts.



There has been talk by some politicians to work out the flaws in Obamacare.  The whole law is flawed.  It needs to be fully repealed.  Then we need to set real comprehensive health care.  No Compromise, no deals, Repeal Only.





Obama Lied, Health Care Died


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What’s For Dinner?

It’s been a chilly week here in Puna, the days have been awash with constant rain and cold trade breezes.  So there’s nothing like a hearty bowl of Beef Stew to chase the chill away.

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