Bitter Rain

Nation wide, the Republicans won the House.  We gained seats in the Senate, and we elected more conservative Governors.

Hawai’i lost in more ways than one.  Pro-Union democrats won the Governorship, the Senate, and 1st district Representative.  The future doesn’t look good for Hawai’i.  These are Tax and Spend democrats.  It is unlikely that they will promote entrepreneurship, private business, and free markets in Hawai’i.

The greatest gains nation-wide was the House of Representatives.  With these gain, Nancy Pelosi is out, and John Boehner is in.  Along with many Tea Party candidates that were elected, the direction of the country has potential to stop funding of Obama’s policies.  Health Care, Cap and Trade, are just two major issues that will effect a true economic recovery.  Obama cannot continue to pretend he’s going to get his policies through the House.

Boehner vows to Repeal Obamacare


At today’s White House presser, Obama expressed sadness over his buddies losses.  These buddies that don’t read the bills they pass.  Things to watch for:  like Hawai’i, California decided that it would rather stay on the path of economic destruction.  New York also decided to follow the path of self destruction.  However, the rest of the country elected follow paths of economic growth and fiscal responsibility.  It won’t be long before California and New York start begging for Federal Bailouts.  It’s just a matter of time.

Watching Governor Moonbeam give his acceptance, one has to wonder if he was high on something.  No talk about jobs, fixing the economy.  Just like Hawai’i, Abercrombie will reward the Unions while neglecting private businesses.  Colleen Hanabusa defeated Charles Djou in the 1st district.  That’s a real shame because we believe Djou would have been a better choice for Hawai’i.  Mazie Hirono keeps her Representative 2nd District seat and Dan Inouye keeps his U.S. Senate seat as well.  KHNR’s 690 has a great cartoon that summed up the elections.


It’s not all bad news, except for the Democrats.  Republican gains, in particular the Tea Party gains, have both Democrats and Republicans recognizing the Tea Party’s rise to power.  The focus now should be to defund Obamacare and Cap and Tax legislation.  There’s talk of a Tea Party Caucus to challenge both parties.  Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) started the Tea Party Caucus and many others in Congress quickly joined in.  We need leadership like Bachmann to address the issues that both Democrats and Republicans haven’t had the spine to confront.   GOP Leadership needs a fresh face.


What’s For Dinner?

Malaysian Style Bitter Melon with Sambal Onions and Birds Eye Red Chilli Peppers


2 Responses to “Bitter Rain”

  1. LVB Says:

    Hey Kini!

    Obviously, we should be happy about the outcome of the elections…coulda been better, but still very good results and the best chance we have for turning around the nightmare that Obama and his cronies are deliberately causing for the USA.

    So, as a fellow conservative thinker, I’m wondering if you noticed this – who the hell decided (in corp mass media, obviously) that the Conservative voting states and areas would be represented by RED, when RED has always been known for its negative association with COMMUNISM, which is obviously closely aligned idealogically with “liberalism” and socialism???

    I mean, seriously, SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE decided this and told their network to go with it – Ted Turner, perhaps? And the other puppet networks went along with it, like loyal servants of the ruling elite powers in this world.

    In terms of Psychological Warfare, this uses the decades-old negative associations and ideas that Americans grew up with relating to the Cold War and Communism to subconsciously influence the minds of the unaware and/or uneducated in a negative way against the opposite ideology of Communist/Socialist political thought!!

    This reeks of deception and cognitive dissonance, and this false Red / Blue color scheme that the mass media has now come to define the way Americans are programmed to recognize and think of certain political parties. It is a very subtle lie – so subtle that I’d bet most people haven’t even realized it, and probably wouldn’t until someone like you or I pointed it out.

    And this false, ass-backwards color definition has not been around very long. I, on the other hand, have been around awhile, like yourself, so I know that this false red/blue thing hasn’t been propagated in mass media for more than a few election cycles now.

    It’s just very odd, don’t you think??

    I may do an article about this, from the PsyWar mass media point of view. What do you think?

    Mahalo, and peace to you, my brother.

    • Kini Says:

      The term Red State and Blue State was coined by the late Tim Russert during the 2000 elections. It was a way to color code the states leanings. It just happened that definition took hold.

      I agree that in the past, the color Red, was used to id a negative connotation in politics. However, I think its pretty much mainstream at this point. I can see your point, but with Independents, Green Party, and all others in between, you end up with shades of Grey.

      For now, I’ll consider it the colors of the flag.

      Aloha my friend,

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