One of the marvels of American Exceptionalism has been the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  Formed and passed into Law in 1958 by then President  Eisenhower, the Executive Branch Agency has spawned a wealth of technological achievements.  From this government agency came such inventions as the hand held calculator, to the repeated successful maned landings on the Moon.

Comet Hartley 2

The EPOXI Deep Impact spacecraft took these stunning pictures of the Comet Hartley 2 and came within 435 miles of the comet.  A remarkable achievement, that has been done before.

Thursday’s flyby is actually an encore mission for Deep Impact. It set off cosmic fireworks on July 4, 2005, when it fired a copper probe that crashed into comet Tempel 1. The high-speed collision spewed a cloud of debris into space, giving scientists their first peek of the interior. 

Impact View

EPOXI Deep Impact’s mission was to hurl an object at the comet to study the material that ejected from the comet.  That was five years ago, and here’s the spacecraft making a rendezvous with the comet again.


Among the many accomplishments besides this was the first ever spacecraft to land on an Asteroid.  Today under the Obama administration, the focus of NASA mission is to improve relations with the Muslim world.  So instead of looking towards the future, we’re now going back the 14th century.  Bravo!

Another Economic Black Hole

What’s For Dinner?

A Slice of American Exceptional Pizza

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