Milieu Ironies

Grab a sweater, it’s cold in Cancun.  After last years Global Warming summit in Copenhagen, where it reached record cold temperatures and a blizzard to boot, the environmental extremist decided to move to warmer climates.  Except, it’s cold in Cancun.

The Cancun Climate Conference, where 194 representing countries came to promote the hypocrisy of all human horrors.  Amongst shots of Tequila, Mojito’s and scores of gaseous gastrointestinal gastronomic delights being served at the climate conference, the ominous impending doom of a Planet in Peril.  Meanwhile, it’s Party Time!


I wonder if these Planetary Party Animals are as concern with their own Carbon Footprint as they are with everyone else?  The posturing policy of shaking down wealthy nations by mostly European United Nation countries is nothing new.  They’ve been after the wealth of the United States for years because of their own inability to allow free market economics to thrive in their own countries.   By using the excuse of promoting the development of third world, the reality is they are fleecing wealthy nations to line their own pockets with money and power.  It’s not about third world development, it’s never has been.  They will keep the third world nations poor as a leverage to extort wealth from the Western nations, in particular, the United States.

I guess Mother Gaia just doesn’t want to cut environmental extortionist a break.  Cancun set a 100 year record low of 54F degrees for this date.  It seems whenever environmental exaggerationist get together to decide how to carve up the industrial nations wealth and redistributed it around the world, the weather doesn’t cooperate.  How ironic.   Chalk it up the the Gore Effect.

Government Issued Carbon Card

It’s not a joke.  There are governments, scientists, and climate change communists that insist on issuing rationing card to halt Western economic growth.  The usual claim by the Eco-Nazi’s is that the Western nations are producing more that their fair share of carbon dioxide.   If these Angels of Mercy really cared about the developing nations, they would help them provide better sustainability in agriculture, industry, and governance.  That’s the key solution, better governance.  However, like the myth of global warming, the reality of dictatorships fails to address the true nature of a planet, and it’s poorest of people, in need of real help.  But it’s not about the poor.

The Face Of Environmental Hysteria

The fact is, Global Warming is Man Made, it’s all been made up by man.  It’s not real, it’s a hoax.  It never has been about the environment.  It’s been about a self-serving interest in wealth distribution.  This is how Communists and Environmentalist are leading the charge for central planning and property confiscation.  They create a false crisis, generate sympathetic causes for the general good of all peoples.  They know what they are doing, and they are enlisting the minds of the easily influenced, and intellectually vacant.  They then create a villain, in this case it’s the United States.

Just to demonstrate the just how destructive and Anti-American these activist are, a group that calls itself, the “Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow” (CFACT) went to Cancun; here’s what happened:

They got delegates to sign a petition to ban water and to cripple the U.S. Economy if the American Government refused to cooperate with the “International Community”.  Using the name “Dihydrogen Monoxide”, otherwise known a H2O, and making the plea that it contributes to greenhouse gasses and could be fatal if inhaled (I like that one the best), this group proved the lack of scientific knowledge the delegates had, and how easily duped they can be.   It was a prank that’s been pulled off many times before.  It proves these conferences attract non-experts that think they have some special understanding of the world of nature.  To that, I say “Good Show“!



What’s For Dinner?

Rack of Lamb with Garlic Mashed Potato’s and Steamed Broccoli




2 Responses to “Milieu Ironies”

  1. LVB Says:

    But Kini, my dear friend, you just have to realize that it is the “global warming” that is causing all the cooling!!!! LOL

    F Algore, may he rot in hell with the rest of his elitist, Green mafia organized crime extortionist pals.

    Peace and Mahalo!

    • Kini Says:

      You know my friend LVB, this morning on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, we got 6 inches of snow, with drifts of 12 inches and more. At my elevation of 500 ft, the temps got down to 62F degrees. For us, that’s cold man!

      Aloha, a me Mele Kalikimaka e hoaloha!

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