Obama’s Paradoxical Phenomenon

When is a tax cut, not a tax cut?  When it’s a tax extension.  The irresponsibility by the Democrats to cry fowl when Obama agreed to extend the current tax rates for all Americans, is equal, to Obama’s thoughtless comparison of Republicans as hostage takers.  So much for unity, fairness, and governing.

Let’s remember that democrats believe anyone making over $200,000 a year, is considered rich.

The argument by the democrats is that we are giving tax breaks to the wealthy, but that is patently false.  There are no tax breaks in this bill that’s winding through congress, although there are loads of spending that are not being funded.  No Tax Breaks at all.  It’s an continuation of the current tax rates.

After Obama campaigned to end the tax breaks and falsely declared tax breaks caused the economic collapse.  Obama did an about-face and accepted continuance of the current rates.  Shocking his minions in the alphabet press, and outraging his socialist democrat party.

My Mis-representative, Crazy Mazie Hirono, emails me to explain she will vote for continuing unemployment insurance, but disagreeing with the continuing the tax rates for all.  However, like most democrats, Hirono cannot do the math, neither can she comprehend, the difference between tax breaks and tax extensions.

Questions for Ms. Hirono:  Where will the jobs come from?  How does continuing unemployment benefits encourage people to look for work?  How is it fair by taxing anyone making over $200,000 a year, at a higher rate?  Why is it fair to punish the people that create jobs?  What is fair about punishing success?

I never got a job from a poor person.  I never got a job from an unemployed person.  Does Ms. Hirono expect jobs to come only from the government?  How is that economically sustainable?  The reality is the Federal government is spending too much.  Why don’t you support a 25% reduction in federal spending, across the board?

Obama’s Stockholm Syndrome

Obama’s speaks about hostages.  Obama is right, the hostages are the American people.  However, it’s not the Republicans holding the American people hostage, it’s the democrats.

What’s For Dinner?

Turkey Salad


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