Fox News Viewers, More Informed


Remember that report from the University of Maryland that concluded that Fox New viewers are the “Most Uninformed” about major stories, the election, and generally get the wrong idea and opinions.

Through a series of surveys and questions the report tried to say that people, regardless of their political affiliation, who watch Fox News, are severely misinformed.

A few Facebook friends brought up some great questions on who commissioned this study.

The study was sponsored by the group, World Public Opinion, which is funded by the Tides Foundation.  A George Soro’s front organization dedicated to the destruction and overthrow of the United States economy and government.  About.


Here’s how they came to that conclusion and what it all means:

I watch Fox News, and I watch the other cable news outlets, CNN, HLN and MSNBC.

There is only One Real News Channel, and that is Fox News

What’s For Dinner?

Southwestern Grilled Chicken over Spicy Black Bean and Corn Salsa









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