112th Congress

The opening of the 112 Congress starts with a reading, aloud, from the Constitution of the United States of America.  The socialist democrats are calling this reading the Constitution, a Fetish.  This, from the same people that want to teach school children the virtues of Homosexuality.  Obama’s Safe School Czar, Kevin Jennings, would be proud of his democrat perverts.

Reading the Constitution is a reminder of the limits of government.  However, socialist democrats don’t believe in the United States Constitution, and they say reading the Constitution is a stunt by Republicans.  The limits of power are spelled out in the Constitution.  Socialist democrats don’t want to be reminded of the limits to their power.  They consider their power, absolute.

So I did a quick Google search on the term “Constitutional Fetish“, and I found a multitude of liberal blogs quizzing readers knowledge on the Constitution, and disparaging comments on what the Constitution meant.  What was the Constitution’s purpose, and intent?  The answers were all the same.  Imperfect, flawed, evolving, not relevant.  Over and over, again and again.  Plus a hefty dose of historical ignorance, revisionist history, and odd interpretations of Constitutional amendments.

The Joke of the Day is Nanzi Pelosi’s claim that Former President George Bush caused the socialist democrats election losses.  This delusional reasoning of blaming the Bush Tax Cuts is really getting real old.  Pelosi’s was Speaker of the House for 4 years, and during that time, spending dramatically increased under her lack of leadership.  Since Obama became President, spending has further increased to record levels.  Neither the republicans, nor the socialist democrats, seem to know what to do about reducing spending.  They now are considering raising the debt ceiling.

But to continue to blame George Bush is complete delusional nonsense.  Pelosi was the House of Representatives Speaker, the leader.  The House controls the spending.  Pelosi needs to take a hard look in the mirror.  People are not falling for this blame game crap anymore.

The Socialist democrats are fluttering their gum’s in desperation about the Republicans vow to Repeal the Job Killing Obamacare  Law.  It must be repealed.  It kills jobs.  It kills people.  It kills the economy.  We cannot afford it.  This talk by the socialist democrats, that repealing the Job Killing Obamacare Law will raise the national debt, is completely false, it’s a lie.  The socialist democrats are distorting the numbers to make repeal look more expensive.  The reality shows this to be flat out wrong, and they know it.

The socialist democrats tried once again to sneak in the Death Panel provision into Obamacare, and when they were exposed, they removed it again.  The democrat from Oregon,  US Representative Earl Blumenauer, a proponent and author of the death panel provision,  represents a state that favors assisted suicide. He tried to sneak this back into Obamacare.  This law is a death law.  It’s a job killing law.  It must be repealed.

Now, the socialist democrats want to add amendments to the Republican’s repeal bill.  Why add amendments to something you want to kill?  It doesn’t make any sense, but these are socialist democrats.  Common sense is not in their vocabulary.

What’s For Dinner?

Grilled Ham and Cheese on Homemade Bread with Tomato Soup with Garlic Chive Sprinkles


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