Civility Equals Censorship

Oddly enough, I heard this phrase on the radio, and I though it was rather apt.  The Pep Rally that took place in Tucson had me wondering; why are they calling this a memorial?   This was supposed to be a memorial to the people that either lost their lives, or were injured because of some mentally deranged madman.  I couldn’t tell between the cheers, hoots and hollers, the screaming and yelling.  I’ve been to memorials before, and they are always solemn events.  They don’t usually hand out t-shirts at memorials.



What were they thinking?


Usually, at such events, a Priest, Rabbi, or some religious leader speaks, at least delivers a prayer.  So they had Attorney General Eric (Nation of Cowards) Holder, and Homeland Security Janet (The System Worked) Napolitano recite passages from the bible.  I thought this was somewhat of an odd choice of speakers for such a somber event.  I can understand Governor Brewer(R-AZ), and President Obama speaking given the relevance of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords(D-AZ) who was wounded.  The 9 year old girl that was killed, Christina-Taylor Green, I could only wonder what her parents were thinking about the surreal carnival like atmosphere within the auditorium.



“Brown Relief”

NPR Latino Glad Assassin Was A “Gringo”

Take this report by NPR where the reporter breaths a sigh of relief, “brown relief” she says, because the shooter wasn’t Hispanic.  Somehow, the broad hint of overt racism is alive and well, and on full display at NPR.  Another reason why taxpayers shouldn’t be funding this racism.



What peaked my interest was Obama’s speech on civility.  Just who was his speech directed at?  Obama didn’t mention any one person, or any group, by name.  However, there were plenty of attacks by people like Paul Krugman, and that Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, against people that had nothing to do with the tragedy.  In fact, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik stated he had no proof of any right-wing hate, but only just his feelings the shooter was influenced by Conservative Talk Radio, the Tea Party and Gov. Sarah Palin.

I have not heard, or seen any publication, from anyone from either the Tea Party, Conservative Talk Radio, or Gov. Sarah Palin, speaking of hatred or violence against anyone.  I have heard of the death threats against Gov. Sarah Palin, and ever since Obama’s speech on civility, these threats have increased.  Apparently, the people on Obama’s side haven’t gotten the message.

The finger pointing by the left, the hate speech by the left, the threats of violence by the left continue fill the airwaves, the opinion editorials, emails, Facebook pages, and anonymous phone calls.  The hate by the left now has only gotten worse since the shooting and one sided.

So what did Obama mean by civility?  Censorship?  Does he want people to shut up?  Who?  I wrote in one of my earlier posts a statement that Obama had made, that didn’t seem so civil.  So is Obama immune to being civil?  Another disturbing quote from Obama’s Tucson memorial speech was this:

“People are far too eager to blame problems of the world on those who don’t think like we do.

Those who don’t “think” like we do?  That’s an interesting statement.  This statement reflects the bizarre events that took place at the Tucson memorial.  Is it the problems of the world or the lefts own personal problems they blame on others?  Liberals think conservatives are morally inferior.  They think they are better than everyone else.

The blame by liberals, towards conservatives, for the act of a deranged crazy person, continues today.  Civility be damned, and let censorship begin.


What’s For Dinner?


Shrimp and Scallops Fra Diavolo








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