Godless Democrats

Nā Hana A Ka Wā Kahiko

Tradition came to a halt in Hawai’i when both the House and Senate decided to ban prayer.  Earning the dubious honor of becoming the first state in the nation to prohibit an invocation at the beginning of the days legislative session.

A day after opening the 2011 session with an invocation from entertainer Danny Kaleikini, the state Senate adopted rules to do away with the tradition of beginning its daily sessions with a word of prayer or other such appeals.

Why?  It was an attack on Hawaiian Traditions by leftest who want to remove any sense of Judeo-Christian values out of government.  Never mind that this country was founded on these values and has been a tradition that goes as far back to the First Congress.

With threats of a lawsuit by a vocal loud-mouth atheist, Mitch Kahle, the democrat controlled Hawaiian government cowered and voted to ban the traditional opening daily prayer that started the legislative session.

A Hawaii resident, Mitchell Kahle, had also criticized the invocations saying the Senate ought to avoid entanglements with religion. Kahle is founder of the group Hawaii Citizens for the Separation of State and Church which was created in 1997 to keep religion and government separate.

The Supreme Court found prayers by tax-supported legislative chaplains could be traced back to the First Continental Congress and to the First Congress that framed the Bill of Rights and that an invocation asking for Divine guidance wasn’t an establishment of religion.

Hawai’i democrats have decided that capitulating to an obvious vocal minority is better than standing ground on tradition.  What’s next democrats, banning Hula?  With the support of the American [Criminal] Civil Liberties Union, a group of lawless lawyers determined to destroy the United States, the democrats abandoned tradition.  What of the hypocrisy by democrats:

From Hawai’i Free Press:

Hawaii has no Christianity Day, no Judaism Day, and no Buddhism Day–but Hawaii’s Democrat Legislators—with the loud public support of Ron Paul connected Rep Kym Pine (R-Ewa)—passed a resolution to create Islam Day.

By a 22-3 vote the Hawaii Senate May 7 approved House Concurrent Resolution 100 which designates September 24, 2009 as Islam Day.  The State House had quietly approved the measure without dissent March 17.

Where was the democrats fear of the ACLU for this event?  No where to be found.

That followed the arrest last April of a protester who disrupted a Senate invocation. Mitch Kahle, president of Hawaii Citizens for the Separation of Church and State, was acquitted of disorderly conduct in November and is now suing the Senate and state sheriffs, alleging he was assaulted and improperly detained.

Are we as a nation going to bow to the ranting and ravings of some lunatic with a fax machine set on speed dial to the ACLU?  Obviously, the Hawai’i democrats will, but secretly the democrats want to remove all traditional values from this country, this state, and this culture.

This is a continuous effort by democrats to fundamentally transform and destroy America.


What’s For Breakfast?

Macadamia Nut Pancakes with Portuguese Sausage and Starfruit


2 Responses to “Godless Democrats”

  1. Zardoz Says:

    You’ve got an even bigger bunch of knuckleheads in power there than we have here in Colorado.

    I love the Big Island and keep hoping that I can find a way to build on my five acres south of Kona but this kind of stuff makes me take a couple of steps back and re-think the wisdom of such a move.

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