If Obamacare Is So Good, Why Issue Waivers?

Why is the government issuing health care waivers?  Wasn’t Obamacare the panacea of equal care for everyone?  Wasn’t Obamacare the “Social Justice” for everyone’s well-being?  So why is the government issuing waivers to exempt unions and businesses?  Over 700 waivers.

Over two million people have been granted waivers and the numbers are growing.  Here’s why.

The Affordable Care Act is designed to provide Americans with affordable, high-quality coverage options – while ensuring that those who like their current coverage can keep it.  Unfortunately, today, limited benefit plans, or “mini-med” plans are often the only type of insurance offered to some workers.  In 2014, the Affordable Care Act will end mini-med plans when Americans will have better access to affordable, comprehensive health insurance plans that cannot use high deductibles or annual limits to limit benefits.  In the meantime, the law requires insurers to phase out the use of annual dollar limits on benefits.  In 2011, most plans can impose an annual limit of no less than $750,000.

Wouldn’t a better solution to allow insurers to offer affordable plans across State lines?  Allow for competition between companies that contracts indemnification to other companies.  However, the option of a waiver only last for a year, and it leaves a question what will these companies do when that happens.  Insurance rates are going up, by virtue of how the health care law is designed.

2014 is three years away, and the law requires insurance companies stop issuing, and eliminate, what is known as “mini-med” plans.  Meanwhile, the affordability of insurance plans is getting less and less affordable to employers and employees.  The real issue of affordability is not addressed in the health care law.  Limiting, and even eliminating lawsuits, especially the frivolous ones.  Lawsuits are a factor why rates are high.  There are some many other reasons why the costs are high and not being addressed in the law.

The bottom line is that Obamacare is squeezing insurance companies, employers and employees into a government bureaucratic nightmare of health care regulations.  There are no costs controls on affordability.  There is no definition of what will, and what will not, be covered by a government insurance plan.  Of course, the government plan will cover preexisting conditions as the official government website states.  However, it is unclear on the limits, and types of care, being made available through a government plan.  This is a government takeover of the Health Care Industry.

Make no doubt that is the purpose of HealthCare.Gov.  You might want navigate through the government health care website like I did.  Try different scenarios to see where the website leads you to.  For example, I used a hypothetical New Jersey resident with a pre-existing condition (condition not disclosed), that was losing employers insurance, and needed affordable insurance.  This is where I eventually landed.

What jumped out was the eligibility requirement.  What if my condition couldn’t wait 6 months?

In defining Creditable Coverage, pushes you back into Medicare and Medicaid, amongst other options before being eligible for this state run plan.  With some doctors starting to drop Medicare and Medicaid patients, the question of doctor reimbursement rates come into question.  Will doctors accept this insurance plan?

Just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you’ll get quality care.  If good doctors refuse to accept Medicare patients, does that mean you’re left with bad doctors to care for you?  Does this mean doctors like this guy?

What if you could not afford a $5,000 deductible?  Even so, a maximum $5,000 out-of-pocket expense isn’t all that bad.  The scope of coverage seems broad enough also.  However, the monthly rates range as low as $225.00, and as high as $812.00, per age, deductible and plan type.  That’s $2,700, and $9,744 yearly costs respectively.

I have a feeling we will be seeing more of these notes, on more and more, doctor offices.  The plan in its current form will make healthcare too expensive for companies to carry.  It will drive people to government run health care programs.  Along with that come the myriad of government regulations, and the insurmountable cost, of getting adequate and timely care.

The Affordable Health Care Act is not affordable and should be Repealed.

What’s For Dinner?

Pan Seared Opah Over a Melange of Rice, Edamame and Broccoli


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