The Green Promise

As Mr. Peabody would say to Sherman, “To the Way Back Machine!”  So government sprang into action and started to do something.  As usual, the government is always the source of unintended consequences.

Tomorrow’s jobs will be “Green Jobs”, we were told.  It will protect our nation and the environment.  So the government sank a boat load of money into “Green Companies“.  After the development was done, and the product perfected, the company moved to China for cheap labor.

Evergreen’s management behaved the way profit-minded corporate leaders should. Apparently staying within the law, they relied on Greater Boston’s vigorous scientific and entrepreneurial community to develop solar technology that approaches competitiveness. They also knew they could count on Massachusetts’ liberal, green-energy-loving political establishment to keep them flush with cash. Then, when they had made sure their breakthrough “string-ribbon” technology worked, they looked to China for the cheap labor, energy, taxes and land costs, as well as soft environmental regulations, they needed to produce solar cells profitably.

Note the reasons why:  Labor, well that’s a variable, isn’t it?  Unless the labor was strictly Union, then you might have a problem with overall burden costs.  Energy, it takes energy to make stuff and with Obama’s Cap and Trade policies, well, energy will probably be your largest cost next to labor.  Taxes, this is Taxachusetts we’re talking about.  Land Costs, Real Estate is at a premium, especially for land zoned as industrial and that relates back to taxes.  Chalk that up to, “The Rent is Too Damn High”.

Then there is the Environmental Regulations.  Taxachusetts likes to consider itself a Green State.  Environmentally conscience and all that stuff.  Zero emissions; recycle everything from toilet paper, to the water you drink.  I’m sure the Sierra Club will either find a snake, or some earthworm that needs protecting, to halt the growth and expansion of the company. Then there is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with its over-extended power, and zealous over-regulations, that ultimately crushes businesses out of existence.   Take for example the latest EPA regulation regarding “Spilled Milk“.

In a classic example of this process, the EPA has decided that, since milk contains oil, it has the authority to force farmers to comply with new regulations to file “emergency management” plans to show how they will cope with spilled milk, how farmers will train “first responders” and build “containment facilities” if there is a flood of spilled milk.

Now imagine you are this company trying to produce Solar Panels and the EPA steps in to regulate the materials you use to produce your product.  What will be the end product cost?  Could the company even turn a profit?  Can you blame the company for moving its manufacturing facility to China?  State’s like Taxachusetts are very business unfriendly, and this is why manufacturing jobs are moving elsewhere.

Then there’s the cost of Obamacare, which wasn’t in the original list of reasons, but let’s add that to the cost of labor and taxes.  Every $600.00 dollar transaction requires a form 1099 to be filed.  Just one of the Job Killing Regulations that Obamacare brings to the job market.

But the Future was all about Green Jobs.  To protect the environment from Global Climate Warming Change.  We had to do something NOW!!!

OK, then explain why we’re getting so much snow?  Al Gore continues to say it’s caused by Man-Made Global  Warming.  OK, I get it now.

I get it, I really do.  Hot weather means the climate is changing.  Cold weather means the climate is changing.  Dry weather means we must brace for more climate change; floods mean the change is at hand. Sometimes it takes a little extra work to get it all clear in my head, but I manage.  After scientists told me that climate change was bringing us more hurricanes and stronger ones, I was a little confused with our quiet season last fall.  I expect the answer is a simple one: busy hurricane seasons mean climate change is coming; quiet hurricane seasons mean it is already under way.

Funny! Read this related article regarding unintended consequences of the media telling us, “Weather is Not Climate“.

Remember that Global Warming Alarmist said that vast swaths of Australia were going to turn into a desert, only now to be under water.  Remember all the hurricanes that were supposed to be larger, and more destructive than Katrina.  Yet, it was pretty quiet last fall.  Remember we were told that fossil fuels are the source of man-made warming and we had to use Ethanol, our food, to reduce our emissions.  Only to learn it takes more energy to produce Ethanol and the cost of food rises and causes world-wide food shortages.  The cost of unintended consequences.  The hysteria over the false prediction of a warmer planet has made our lawmakers nuts.  Let’s step into the way-back machine.

The disappearing snow job.  Democrats made quite a bit of noise about the lack of snow, but these same Democrats shut off the water to California’s central valley destroying rich fertile farmland to protect the environment and some fish they claim to be endangered.

Snow continues to fall at record amounts and the temperatures are also at record lows.  Yet, this is the result of Global Warming.  Man-Made Global Warming and all that crap.  At some point you have to wonder, how come all the predictions of global catastrophic weather haven’t come true?

Are we being lied to?

The logic behind these outrageous claims of world-wide destruction caused by man is questionable.  All the dire predictions have turned out wrong.  However, those scientists that questioned and disagreed with the foregone consensus of man-made global warming, were shunned, dismissed, and even called names like “flat earthers“.

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6 Responses to “The Green Promise”

  1. Zardoz Says:

    Our out-going governor, Bill Ritter, constantly prattled on about creating a New Energy Economy here in Colorado. Green jobs, green jobs, green jobs!!!

    Ask the folks in Spain how all those “green jobs” worked out. Ask the folks at the GE light bulb factory in Virginia how they light those new “green” CFL bulbs—200 people lost their jobs as production was shifted to China and the plant was closed.

    Without subsidies most “green” technology can’t compete in the marketplace. Solar power and windmills may make sense some day but that day is still far in the future.

    In Colorado, Xcel Energy is converting coal-fired power plants to natural gas even though it is more expensive. Wyoming has enough coal to last a couple of hundred years—instead let’s change to a fuel that has other more practical uses, such as cooking my food, heating my house and making hot water. Ask the folks in west Texas, New Mexico and southern Arizona what they think about losing even more of their natural gas supply. The Governor of New Mexico has declared a state of emergency due to the shortage of natural gas because of the cold snap and lack of capacity. My sister lives just south of Albuquerque and has dialed her thermostat down to 55 degrees—she’s one of the lucky ones that still has gas flowing to her house.

    Hey, don’t get me started on “global warming”!!!!!

  2. -S- Says:

    This part is choice and pretty well self-explanatory as to revealing the Left’s ridiculousness:

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    “The disappearing snow job. Democrats made quite a bit of noise about the lack of snow, but these same Democrats shut off the water to California’s central valley destroying rich fertile farmland to protect the environment and some fish they claim to be endangered.

    “Snow continues to fall at record amounts and the temperatures are also at record lows. Yet, this is the result of Global Warming. Man-Made Global Warming and all that crap. At some point you have to wonder, how come all the predictions of global catastrophic weather haven’t come true?”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    The turning-off-of-the-water part as to California’s Inland agricultural areas was the cruelest, wickedest thing the Democrats in state and federal governments have done recently to the state — most of those farmers/ranchers families were Conservatives and all of them lost their livelihoods when the water supply to their lands was discontinued, and by the Democrats, with intention to ruin many a citizen (mostly Conservatives) of the state.

    Having had residence now in Colorado, California AND Hawaii (also Florida) I can well attest to the ruin inflicted on populations in any state where Democrat-majority state legislators and Senators/Congressmen are left to their own devices. They do appear determined to ruin this nation and I don’t write that flippantly.

  3. -S- Says:

    And I remember Colorado when it wasn’t Democrat-intense. Truly, I remember the place as once nice and close to Heaven. That was before the Left relocated there.

  4. Wasting The Furure « E Māua Ola i Moku o Keawe Says:

    […] wrote about “The Green Promise” that failed due to government interference, high taxes, and the high cost of doing business […]

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