Let’s Call Them Who They Really Are

Murderers.  Baby Killers.  This is Planned Parenthood.  Why not just come out, and call it what this organization it’s really all about, Planned Murder.  They like to say, a woman’s choice, but guess who doesn’t get a choice.

This organization receives almost $350 Million taxpayer dollars a year to murder children.  I do not want my taxes going to an organization that aborts over 300,000 children a year.

They call themselves Pro Life, and yet dole out advise on underage prostitution, abortions, and other medical services, like AIDS.  Margret Sanger would be proud of their accomplishment of destroying the undesirables she deemed unworthy of life.

Other Taxpayer organizations are all in a tizzy about the undercover work Lila Rose of Live Action did to expose the culture of death that is Planned Parenthood.  What an oxymoron that name is.

As more video stings begin to surface, revealing a culture of death, and a pattern of deliberate violation of the law, by people that value death, over life.  The fabrication of medical information to commit a criminal act is simply unacceptable.  This has to stop.

Bravo Live Action!

NPR, another taxpayer funded organization, that supports Planned Murder under the claim of saving lives, writes:

The liberal activist group Moveon.org is rightfully concerned about the release of a video that appears to show a Planned Parenthood worker advising a pimp and prostitute on medical services, including abortions, for under-age sex prostitutes.

Moveon.org, the ultra-leftest, Soros funded, anti-American group likes to twist the story as Conservatives for Rape.  Where their definitions of democracy is the definition of socialism.  They call this act of murder, “Pro Choice“.  Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

How many more are out there?

After the case of the Philadelphia Abortion Doctor was discovered, calling themselves Family Medical Care and Woman’s Reproductive Center, revealing a house of horrors.  It makes you wonder how many more doctors are willing to take money for murder.  Planned Parenthood just shrugs their shoulders and wonders what’s all the fuss about.

Yet, these are the same people that will scream blue murder when restrictions are placed on abortions.  They’ll claim, “you’ll force women into back-alley abortions”, and yet they would allow a doctor like this to take advantage of the poor.  That argument has fallen on death ears.

What’s For Breakfast?

A Return To Faith, Values, and Hope

Obamacare has Government Funded Abortions, REPEAL OBAMACARE!


2 Responses to “Let’s Call Them Who They Really Are”

  1. LVB Says:

    This is about as nauseating as it gets, Kini.

    To hear someone so blatantly encouraging underage prostitution, sex slavery and “abortion rights”, not even blinking an eye about any of it and actually wanting to help it continue is the worst kind of crime. We can only imagine the extent of the other crimes they are committing that we do not even know about…yet.

    These are nothing less than crimes against humanity, fully funded and supported by Planned Parenthood – which, as we know was started by Margaret Sanger with generous donations from Rockefeller himself.

    Planned Parenthood is not about low-cost “women’s health services” – it is a for profit business, and the abortion industry is making a ton of money for those in their higher management positions, Board of Directors, Washington lobbyists and so on.

    Thanks to Live Action for putting this out there, and you for letting us know about it.

    Mahalo, my brother.

    • Kini Says:

      I just got done reading an op-ed from the NYSlimes regarding Planned Murderhood. The article states that tax dollars don’t go to abortions, and I say, how do they know? They are already breaking the law, what’s to stop them from using taxpayer monies for abortions?

      If they really cared about woman health services, then they should admit that their greatest activity is in abortions and everything else is secondary.


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