What Did You Expect?

With Linda Lingle, I thought things couldn’t get any worse. With Neil Abercrombie, the worst is yet to come.

A writer to the Maui News Editorial page writes to complain about the incompetencies of Abercrombie’s finance policies.  What did you expect when you vote in a Democrat, but more tax and spend policies.  Nanny state regulations, and union cronyism.

Abercrombie contributed to this financial debacle. We’ve forgotten Abercrombie’s history raising taxes during 20 years in Congress; abandoning office to run for governor cost Hawaii more than $1 million; paying off union backers adding $18 million to their health care.

Then candidate for Governor, Neil “Krusty the Clown” Abercrombie, promised he would not raise taxes.  What did you expect from a Democrat that will say anything to get elected?

A press release dated October 5th, 2010, from the Abercrombie – Snotz (Schatz) socialist media website, published this statement:

Our plan does not increase taxes,” Abercrombie said. “We will have to make better use of the revenues that we have while building a more resilient, people-based economy to serve future generations.”

Instead, Abercrombie used the socialist democrat code words to get elected.  Reinvestment, which means, raises taxes.  Recovery and Reinvestment, the flowery words used by socialist democrats sounds great, but the real meaning is:

Recovery; which equals raising taxes, and

Reinvestment; which equals wealth redistribution to public unions.

During Abercrombie’s State of the State address, Abercrombie painted a picture of a fiscal budget that included increases in the Alcohol Tax and Soda Tax.  To make matters worse, Abercrombie announced that some seniors are not contributing to the Community, by not paying enough of their pensions in taxes.  Abercrombie refers to these seniors as “The Wealthy”.  How does Abercrombie define, “Wealthy”?

According to Abercrombie, you are “wealthy” if you have “an annual federal adjusted gross income (over) $37,500 for single filers and $75,000 for couples.”  Abercrombie assures readers that “fewer than half of current pensioners will be affected” – translation: “almost half of you will be forced to pay”.

What did you expect when socialist democrats use class warfare to justify raising taxes?  So much for the diversity and tolerance that Abercrombie yammers on about, while he’s drawing a line down between seniors and Community.

Aberceombie is just following the Socialist Obama model of governance.  Today, the Obama told the Chamber of Commerce that businesses are not doing enough to hire employees.  Obama then went on to say that the government is reducing regulations and taxes to make it easier for employers to hire new workers.  And those profits you employers make need to be shared with the workers.

Click on the Pic to hear the speech


Obama makes the point that profits should be shared with workers.  What do you expect when someone who has never run a business, never had to meet payroll, and never had to deal with the government to stay in business.  Obamacare put into place more regulations that stifle job creation.

More importantly, employers already do share the profits in the form of pensions, matching 401(K) contributions, bonuses, salary increases, and other forms of compensation incentives.  Employers also have share holders that invest in the growth of the company for a profit.  By saying, and implying that corporations, businesses and the like, don’t share the profit with the workers just shows Obama’s complete ignorance of how business works.  But what did you expect?

What can we expect in new taxes that were promised not to go up?  Besides the normal SIN tax; taxes on alcohol, there’s the transportation tax, the occupancy tax, and the taxes on food items.  Look for more taxes in the form of Social Justice, like decreases in Medicare and Medicaid payments.  This just makes the out-of-pocket expenses higher.  This is what you can expect.

What’s For Dinner?

Teriyaki Grilled Pork Chop with Grill Pineapple and Garden Salad


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