Lies, Deceit, Infanticides


Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards recently appeared on The Joy Blowhard Show to oppose the Pence Amendment to end Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer subsidies, claiming, “If this bill ever becomes law, millions of women in this country are gonna lose their healthcare access–not to abortion services–to basic family planning, you know, mammograms.”



Planned Murderhood




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Our Daily Bread



The Union Tyranny (Part 3)

The Extortion


Put a sign in your business supporting the Public Unions, or else.  That’s what’s happening in Wisconsin.  The State Employee’s Union AFSCME Council 24 has begun a campaign of extortion terror against Wisconsin’s small business owners, in effect, threatening them if they don’t put a sign in their store window supporting the Union Mobsters.  This seems all too familiar.


Members of Wisconsin State Employees Union, AFSCME Council 24, have begun circulating letters to businesses in southeast Wisconsin, asking them to support workers’ rights by putting up a sign in their windows.

If businesses fail to comply, the letter says, “Failure to do so will leave us no choice but (to) do a public boycott of your business. And sorry, neutral means ‘no’ to those who work for the largest employer in the area and are union members.”


The Union leadership has resorted to Nazi tactics to force Wisconsin small businesses into a No-Win situation by threatening their livelihood.  Extreme Draconian efforts by Union Thugs trying to manipulate an election scheduled on April 5th to decide a State Supreme Justice election.


The stakes are for all the marbles and boil down to a simple choice. Either sitting State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser will be re-elected and the voters, though their elected officials, will be allowed to govern, or Big National Labor, Big Spoiled Public Employees, and the White House Re-election Machine will prevail in electing Joanne Kloppenburg — a hardcore Leftist with zero judicial experience


Indeed, the stakes have gotten more desperate by the Public Unions.  They are resorting to Nazi tactics of bullying private business owners into supporting their cause of extorting the taxpayers of Wisconsin.  What’s next?  Send out the Purple People Beaters?


The choice is now Judicial Activism.  Fairly elected Representatives, by the people, are being usurped by Thuggish Unions and Liberal Judges.  Public Unions that are employed by the taxpayer’s, are forcing their employers, the taxpayers, to pay more taxes.  At some point, people will have enough of their money taken away and they will vote with their feet, and leave the State of Wisconsin.  Then what Unions?


You won’t hear this in the traditional media sources, because they are for the Unions.  Get the full story that John Nolte wrote at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government site.  History is repeating itself using discrimination and intimidation methods to steal an election.



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Senator Makes a Poopy, Blames Republicans


U.S. Senator Franky “the fish: Lautenberg D-New Jersey, announced his plan to add Adult Depends to the Obamacare healthcare law.  Citing that people are having too many babies,  Lautenberg enlisted the help of Planned ParentMurderhood to make the case that diapers are being hoarded by infants and small children, and should be for adults only.


This has been a real problem.  Infants and small children have been found involved in dubious activity.  Watch this disturbing video that proves without a doubt Lautenberg’s claims.



Lautenberg was offended by Republican efforts to defund Planned ParentMurderhood.  Lautenberg cried that Tea Party Republicans and the Majority of Americans who don’t want their tax dollars funding Planned ParentMurderhood don’t deserve the Freedoms in the Constitution, and apparently, neither do the unborn.

Dependable Frank


Lautenberg is one of New Jersey’s finest senators that money can buy.  The people of New Jersey are proud to have such a stalwart community pillar at work for them.  Property taxes reflect all the good work Lautenberg has done for his constituency.


New Jersey can Depend on Lautenberg


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Audacious Odyssey

In the two hundredth century of mussulman wars, Obamysseus promised the American people into electing him to bring Hope and Change within the United States.  The American People had no idea that the Obamysseus socialists were hidden inside the Trojan horse of Hope and Change.  That night, when they were elected and they opened the country’s gates to the Socialist army, the American Health Care system was compromised.  Now it was time for Obamysseus and the armada of socialists to fundamentally transform the United States.  Here begins the tale of the Obamysseus, as sung by the inebriated minstrel Homer Simpson.

Oh Goddess of Gaia, help me sing of wily Obamysseus, that master of Socialism!”

So Homer Simpson begins his epic tale, although the hero himself, Obamysseus, is still on vacation.  We are treated to a corrosive glimpse of life among the supreme elitist politicians on Capitol Hill.  Urged on by Moochelle, the goddess of tacky apparel, they decide that Obamysseus has been amongst too long in the church of the inherently superior of Rev. Wright.

Meanwhile, the House of Congress is infested with democrats seeking handouts from the Princess Pelosi.  Everyone assumes Obamysseus has checked out and gone on vacation.  His Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel calls an assembly of the Czars for help, and Obamysseus sends an omen of the healthcare debacle. Two Senators, Bawney Fwanks and Chris Dodd, swoop down, tearing the mortgages of Fanny Mea and Freddy Mac with their misappropriations. Afterwards Pelosi sets sail around the mainland on her private military jet to seek more plunder of the American People taxpayer dollars.

Pelosi consults with John Kerry, who led a Genghis Khan contingent in the Vietnam War when he was in his thirties.  Kerry tells what he knows of Obamysseus’s return from vacation: “It started out badly because of Hillary Clinton’s anger. Half the army, General Petraeus included, stayed behind in Iraq to try to appease Hillary.  The rest of us made it home safely — all except for General Stanley McChrystal, who was blown off course and dismissed for insulting Obamysseus and coining the phrase “Joe BiteMe”.  Seeking advice from General Petraeus, I’ll lend you a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III to travel to his kingdom.”


Joe "Plugs" BiteMe

Petraeus tells what he learned to Obamysseus while stranded in Iraq during the war. He was advised by Hillary to disguise himself and three members of his staff in burqas, and then go to Afghanistan to help Hamid Karzai.  If Petraeus could help defeat the Taliban while Karzai transformed Afghanistan’s wealth to himself , he would send them on their way homeward and give good news of their companions.  Petraeus did as instructed, but was informed that the Obamysseus was presently on vacation and being held against his will by the sand trap at the ninth hole of the golf course.

Rahm Emanuel, the Chief of Staff, sends his messenger Robert Gibbs skimming over the air waves using the magic teleprompter.  Though the people aren’t happy about it, he agrees to let the Obamysseus go on another vacation.  But the election on which he sets sail is destroyed by his enemy, the Party of Tea, who lashed the electorate seas into a storm with his trident of Tea Party, Libertarians and Republicans. The Obamysseus barely escapes with his political life and washes ashore days later, shellacked.  He staggers into Air Force One and goes on vacation.

Obamysseus awakens to the sound of maidens laughing. Princess Pelosi of the San Franciscans has come down to the riverside to launder the taxpayer’s money. Now she and her handmaid, Bawney Fwanks, are frolicking after the chore.  Obamysseus approaches as a suppliant, and Pelosi is kind enough to instruct him how to get Rahm Emanuel’s help in returning to his home in Chicago.   Where he campaign’s for Mayor.

Princess Pelosi

Obamysseus stops on the White House threshold, utterly befuddled. The very walls are covered in shining white marble and trimmed with an oddly shaped yellow shower curtain. The hair plugged VEEP Joe Biden has even provided two brazen union thugs to guard the entrance.  Obamysseus goes right up to Princess Pelosi and puts his case of Universal Health care to her. Joe Biden knows better than to refuse hospitality to a decent, clean and articulate petitioner. He invites Obamysseus to a banquet which is in progress and promises him safe passage of the health care law after the Obamysseus has been suitably vacationed.

The next day is declared a holiday in honor of the passing of Obamacare, whose contents of the new law the American People still does not fully know.  An athletic competition is held, with lab coats, organic gardening and beer tasting.  Obamysseus himself is invited to join in but bugs off on vacation, prompting someone to suggest that he lacks the skills to run the office of the presidency.  Angered, he takes up a teleprompter and speaks along side with Greek Columns that makes everyone in the Press Corp’s drop to the ground in fright.  That night at the beer summit, as the court bard entertains with songs of Stevie Wonder, Obamysseus is heard stammering. “Enough!” shouts Obamysseus. Afterwards, a conga line formed after the media were escorted out and, apparently, after Obamysseus was ready to speak!

“My name is Obamysseus of Hawai’i, and here is my tale since setting out from Chicago.  We were shellacked on the 2010 elections, but then union reinforcements arrived too late, and we lost many democrat comrades.”  Next Obamysseus was visited by the Union Duces and democrat senators, and three of their hooligans attempted to pass Card Check.  “They lost all desire to return home and face angry taxpayer townhall meetings”, said Obamysseus.  On another State we investigated a cave full of Union ogres. The Unions turned out to be ruffians with a single purple tee-shirt worn by all its members. This Unions promptly raised compulsory membership dues and commissioned buses for illegal demonstrations. Trapping bankers children in a house surrounded by screaming Purple People Beaters standing in the doorway with a megaphone screaming obscenities.

Next Obamysseus met the Keeper of the FED, who sent him on his way with a steady breeze of Quantitative Easing.  He’d given Obamysseus a papyrus udder, which his administratio mistook for free currentum. They opened it and released a cyclonic vortex of debt that blew them back further into debitam.  They ended up among the debt laden states, which harangue his administration with requests for free cash.  The few union survivors were put on the island of the enchanter Andy Stern of SEIU.  Obamysseus men were entertained by him and then, with a wave of his hand, raised their union dues.   Andy Stern, the union boss, gave Obamysseus a pledge of union endorsement that will ensure his election in 2012.  Stern told Obamysseus that to get reelected he must travel to the land of union tribute, Wisconsin.


Purple People Beaters


At the furthest edge of Union phantasm is the land to which all rights go when they die. Here their spirits endure a freedom-less existence.  They can’t even talk unless re-animated with taxpayer monies.   Accordingly, Obamysseus did as Stern instructed, raising taxes upon the American people into a forever spiraling money pit.  Rev. Jim Wallis, the socialist soothsayer who had accompanied Obamysseus to Washington D.C., was the new ecclesiastical adviser to Obamysseus.  So Obamysseus held all the other chief executive functions at bay with idle dithering. Rev. Jim Wallis gave Obamysseus portent about his reelection chances and told Obamysseus what he must do to ensure a successful election of remedies.  Obamysseus then met with many zoological specimens of many nefarious socialists’ world players, including Hugo Chavez, the socialist of Venezuela, who always wins elections.

Parrot Poop For Everyone

On vacation once more Obamysseus had to pass the golf course sirens, whose sweet greens that lure lobbyist and politicians alike to their doom. Obamysseus said, “I had stopped up the ears of my staff with blathering talking points, and I alone listened while lashed to the mast of the teleprompter, powerless to steer the country toward certain destruction”.  Next came the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which swallowed the country in a whirlpool of debt. Avoiding this Obamysseus skirted the cliffs of the economic abyss where it exacts its toll on the American people. Each of Act’s six slavering maws grabbed and spent money on wasted projects such as health care, infrastructure, education, energy, law enforcement and direct cash payments.  Finally Obamysseus was becalmed to vacation on the island of the Hawai’i.  Obamysseus men disregarded all warnings and sacrificed their reelection, so back on vacation Obamysseus went.  “I alone survived the shellacking of the 2010 elections”, said Obamysseus.  “It’s always about me.”

When Obamysseus has finished his tale, an outbreak of violence erupted in the Middle East had begun.  Obamysseus then sped to condemn Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.  Obamysseus, true to his fame as a smooth-talking schemer, makes up a clever story of his birth origins. Meanwhile,  Rahm Emanuel himself sleeps in the city of Chicago, as mayor.

Clown Party

Meanwhile back on Washington D.C., Obamysseus listens while the Kings and Queens of Europa decide what to do about Libya.  Obamysseus recalls his life as a child of a prosperous Keynesian King, whose realm was often visited by communist traders.  This makes even the other European leaders nervous, for this president masquerades as a leader.  To test their righteousness, Obamysseus sends in Tomahawk arrows into Libya as a show of strength and leadership.


Now a mussulman, Calypso Walcott, shows up at the palace and warns Obamysseus off his Libyan turf.  This mussulman, Calypso Walcott, is always running off with the mouth, “who in Hades do you think you are?”, demands Calypso of Obamysseus.   Belching with noxious venom, Calypso continues his rant against Obamysseus to the approval of his legions of bobble headed bow tied drones.  Obamysseus then leaps into action and leaves for vacation to the country of Brazila, leaving the nations of Europa to decide the fate of Libya and it surrounding neighbors.

Homer continues the tale of Obamysseus and his Audacious Odyssey….. later….


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Kinda looks like the Continent





Rich Corinthian Leather


In the Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province of China, there’s a new way to get around town, and it will only cost you US$6500 (€4,620), plus whatever electrical rate being charged.  That’s enough money left over so I don’t have to take out another home equity loan to pay for the charging.


Green Energy Shoe Car

[click on pic]

Featuring a 3-meter frame, two-seat capacity and an exterior covered by over 300 feet of bull leather, the electric shoe car is an efficient and completely unique way to drive around town while raising eyebrows wherever you go.

In addition to its decidedly one-of-a-kind appearance, however, the electric shoe car also can reach speeds of up to 30km/hr while also boasting a 400km driving range from a single charge. Ao Kang plans to release around 40 of the incredible vehicle at the remarkably reasonable price of $6500

Where do you put the odor eaters?

This brings a new perspective to car air fresheners.

Hey, here’s something Obama can drive to go kick someone’s ass.  After all, Obama is always talking about keeping up with the Chinese communists.  Here’s a marvelous example of how capitalism can reinvent technology into the next generation of the Flintstones Rock mobile.



Hand me down a Hickey Freeman suit, and pass over my Brooks Brothers French Cuffed shirt, with my Cartier Gold Cufflinks, include my finest Drake Silk Necktie, and I’m a Sharp Dress Man!


Dress to kill, and in an electric ride; or shoe, to boot.  And it won’t turn into a Pumpkin, I hope.

Via GreenMuse, and Trendhunter

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with Baby Carrots and Jasmine Rice






Tony The Whiner

He’s Flaky




New York’s 9th District Finest



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The Union Tyranny (part 2)

Why part two?  Since the Governor Scott Walker’s budget fix was passed, legally, the fallout from the left has been psychotic vitriol.  So much so that death threats have been thrown around by the leftist against anyone supporting the taxpayer’s efforts to rein in bloated unions out of control taxpayer spending.

In a previous post, I had a video of an illegal demonstration by socialist making threats.  In the video was a college student that claimed she wanted to be a teacher, when she grew up.  I’m in real doubt that this person will every grow up, but if this person should ever get a job teaching children, then an education will take a back seat to socialist indoctrination.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin once said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

It seems the public labor unions in Wisconsin have adopted that philosophy as mandatory classroom curriculum.  Former Governor Jim Doyle signed into law a bill that mandates socialist union values be taught to school children.  Listen to this video by Marxist democrats that outline a school curriculum.  It requires teaching socialist labor studies, collective bargaining, and social change, as a part of Wisconsin’s socialist labor history.



Just coincidentally, of the three male speakers in the video above;

(H/T – New Zeal and Big Government)


Notice the emphasis is not creating an environment where school children will benefit from a quality education, but rather on a Marxist agenda.  Providing children with the skills to be productive in today’s competitive job market isn’t a priority.  Instead, it is to train children into a collective socialist role for big labor.  Creating the next generation’s of wards of the State.

It should be noted that the school boards and administrators did not want this included in the curriculum, but the labor unions supported it and the then Governor Doyle signed off on it.  The National Education Association (NEA) also has adopted this socialist agenda and is actively spreading this into other States school districts.  This news report from Pennsylvania shows a disturbing homework assignment given to 5th graders.


(H/T – Labor Union Report)

The NEA’s General Counsel Bob Chanin explained it to his Union members, this way:

It is not that we care about children

It is not about the because we have a great vision of a public school system

It’s because we have POWER!


This is why Wisconsin is the battleground between socialists that want to destroy 235 years of liberty, and parents that want to see their children achieve their potential.  But because the unions members are shrinking, they are resorting to violence, death threats and intimidation, to hold onto their power.

This is real and from the Wisconsin Department of Justice:

I want to make this perfectly clear. Because of your actions today and in the past couple of weeks I and the group of people that are working with me have decided that we’ve had enough. We feel that you and your republican dictators have to die. This is how it’s going to happen: I as well as many others know where you and your family live, it’s a matter of public records. We have all planned to assult you by arriving at your house and putting a nice little bullet in your head.


What’s worse and highly irresponsible is the lack of coverage from the media.  How many death threats will go unreported until one of these union goons kills somebody?  Then it’s too late.

Wisconsin voters voted for Scott Walker to fix the State’s budget problems.  He clearly outlined how he was going to do it.  School officials have approved Walkers plan to reform labor agreements.

It’s all about choice.  Which the socialist don’t want.  The Marxist unions are doing everything to prevent free choice.  These same unions that want to control the education curriculum.  The same unions that want to control how taxpayers money is spent.  As the sign in my previous post stated:  “I voted for Representation, not Unions


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It Ain’t Over



Its Just Begun



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Penny For Your Thoughts

Money is money, yes?  We have currency that is legal and is exchanged on a daily basis.  It’s converted from coin to paper, and paper to coin, as the denomination value increases and decreases in value.  Legal Tender, Silver and Gold certificates.  It’s all money and it’s all good.

We have the largest value bill to the smallest.  Starting with the Gold certificate.

This bill featured Woodrow Wilson portrait on the bill, for some reason.


Salmon P. Chase graced this $10,000 bill and he wasn’t even a President.


James Madison graced the portrait of this five grand bill.


Grover Cleveland made the $1,000 dollar bill.


William McKinley, John Adams, Chief Justice John Marshall and Abraham Lincoln were all on this timely bill.


Benjamen Franklin


Ulysses S. Grant


Andrew Jackson


Alexander Hamilton


Abraham Lincoln


Thomas Jefferson


George Washington

Susan B. Anthony

John F. Kennedy Half Dollar

Washington Quarter

FDR Dime

Jefferson Nickel

The Lincoln Penny.  Now what if you wanted to pay your bills, with pennies.  That what a California man tried to do.  Upset that his bank over fees, charges and unable to refinance his debt, the man tried to pay off his debt using pennies.

A California man was turned away after he attempted to pay his $6,500 credit card bill with penniesThirry Chahez loaded 650,000 pennies in his vehicle and drove to a local Chase Bank in an attempt to pay his credit card bill that was due on Monday.




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Taxpayer Revolt

Taxpayers have had enough.  It doesn’t matter which party a politician is affiliated with; if you violate your oath to serve the people, you will be voted out of office.  The taxpayers of Maimi-Dade County Florida did just that.


With 100 percent of precinct votes counted, 88 percent voted to oust the mayor, making Miami-Dade the most populous area, with more than 2.5 million people, ever to recall a local official. Just 12 percent of the 204,500 who cast ballots were in favor of allowing Alvarez to finish his second term, which ends in 2012.


Alvarez, a Republican (in name only), angered taxpayers by raised property taxes and giving hefty salary raises to county employees.  Enraged, the people of Miami-Dade started a recall petition and got twice the 51,000 signatures needed to recall the mayor.


Yolanda Soler, 47, said she voted to recall the mayor.  “I think it’s important that politicians know when the people are not with them,” she said. “What he did didn’t make any fiscal sense. I’m disappointed because I did trust him to do a better job.”


There were a string of needless spending initiatives Alvarez had put in place.  But it was this tax hike that was the last straw that angered and drove the voters to recall their mayor.  Alvarez also passed a bill funding, at taxpayer expense, a new $600 million stadium for the Florida Marlins baseball team.


Francisco Rodriguez, 58, a bus driver, said his property taxes increased by about $600 this year, leading him to cancel his health insurance. He voted to remove Alvarez.

Just like Wisconsin, the voters have had enough of politicians, either Democrat or Republican, favoring public workers over the taxpayers.  Public workers that maintain lavish salaries and benefits.

This is happening all around the country.  With a fragile economic recovery being threatened by out of control unions, and tax and spend politicians, the taxpayers are taking their government back, and it’s about time.


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