Cooking The Books

Stunning?  More like par for the course.  Socialist democrats tried to hide the numbers, even lied about the numbers, but the facts are coming out, and the democrats have a lot to answer for.  Did they really think they could hide the facts from the American people?  Yes, they did.



Double counting.  Here’s Representative John Shimkus (R-IL) questioning Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on “Show Me The Money”.  Where is the $500 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money being spent?  Medicare or Obamacare?  Sebelius tried to obfuscate, but then was confronted with the “which is it” question.  Both she replied.

A deliberate attempt by the Obama regime to cook the books on how taxpayers monies are being spent, and trying to hide the fact as well.  This is fiscal fraud by the Obama regime.  This is criminal behavior.  Shimkus shouldn’t be so surprised by it all:  He deserves the Captain Renault award.



True to her words, Nazi Pelosi immortal quote, “We have to pass the [Obamacare] bill to find out what’s inside the bill.  So now we are beginning to find more fiscal fraud in Obamacare.  $105 Billion dollars hidden in Obamacare that was misappropriated.  Who knows what else is hidden in Obamacare.  Michele Bachman uncovered this wanton fraud by the socialist democrats.



Congresswoman Michele Bachmann explains the discovery of billions of dollars of hidden appropriations in the Obamacare bill.

Although the House voted in February to deny new funding for ObamaCare, it has done nothing to remove the $105,464,000,000 that the last Congress allocated through passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Unless Congress rescinds those appropriations, $5 billion will be spent this year and another $100 billion will be spent in the next 8 years (through FY2019).

Specifically, Section 1311(a) of ObamaCare provides an unlimited appropriation to the Health and Human Services Secretary to award grants to states for Exchanges. Section 4002 essentially creates a $16 billion slush fund for the HHS Secretary to spend and $2 billion is appropriated to the Secretary per year in perpetuity after 2015. Section 4101(a) allows $230 million in appropriation for school-based health centers. Section 5508 appropriates $230 million for expanded primary care residency programs and Section 2953 allocates $320 to Title XX-type education programs

There should be criminal charges brought against Obama, Pelosi, and Harry Reid.  This should be defunded immediately.  Everyone should be aware of the huge amount of waste and fraud the socialist democrats have committed against the American people.



What’s For Breakfast?



Crab Congee






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