The Union Tyranny




Where to begin?  When the left is losing, they attack.  Leftist unions are using threats, intimidation, and violence, to get what they want.  They will shift the subject, ignore the facts, and start name calling, or worse.  When they don’t get their way, they stoop to mob rule.  Acting like petulant children demanding the taxpayers pay their salaries.  Leftist unions are recruiting union mobs from outside the State of Wisconsin to create chaos.

Mobs!  Mobs of union thugs bused in from other states to threaten the taxpayers and legislators.  Death Threats by union terrorists against lawmakers are being investigated, because as we all have seen in the past, these union animals will carry out their vile threats.


The Union Tyranny

Before any commenter starts whining that unions are people too, and unions are taxpayers also, and unions have rights, consider that public unions do not bargain in good faith.  They take from the taxpayer, and they are unwilling to share the cost of paying for their own benefits.  Consider that the union, in particular, the Wisconsin public unions, receives benefits equal to their salary.  Total compensation  is well over $100,000.  Which is more than the average nonunion taxpayer makes.  Wisconsin’s state budget by law has to be balanced.   Unions are unwilling to compromise.   Public unions want to raise taxes to continue to pay for their lavish salaries and benefits.




The agitator in chief Obama may have possibly violated constitutional law by getting involved in sovereign states rights.  Then the unions further discredit themselves by bringing in a known racist, Jessie Jackson.  The fat man Michael Moore claimed that the state was not broke, that there was tons of money out there.  Other people’s money, that is.  This is how the socialist thinks.  Your money is not yours to have.  It has to be redistributed and shared with everyone else.  This is their twisted excuse for fairness.  Lunacy!

When Obama was out lecturing America on bullying, union thugs were sending death threats.

The message by the unions couldn’t be clearer.  “Give us want we want or else!”  Never mind that there was an election by the people that voted for reform and an end to runaway spending.


Civil tone?  In January 2011 America was lectured on toning the rhetoric down.  What happened?  The left decided this applies to somebody else, but not to them.

Rights?  What about workers rights?  Unions force workers to pay union dues, even if they don’t want to be in a union.  If you want to work, you got to pay the union for the right to work.  Rights, as determined by the mob that are unions.

Wisconsin’s people have shown great courage by standing up to union thuggery.  This is a victory for the taxpayers.  This model will spread to other states struggling to control spending.  There has to be fairness to the taxpayers that are seeing their property taxes skyrocket.  The burden of skyrocketing taxes is hurting taxpayers struggling to pay their mortgages.  Struggling to feed their families.  Struggling to keep their jobs.

What’s happening in Wisconsin looks like anarchy and the leftist unions are calling it democracy.  If democracy means mob rule, property destruction, and death threats, then I want no part of that insanity.



What’s For Lunch?


Grilled Chicken and Avocado Salad







3 Responses to “The Union Tyranny”

  1. Kini Says:

    My post is completely accurate, but maybe you’re a union mobster also. Ignorance is your problem pal.

  2. Kini Says:

    Grasping for something intelligent to say led you to my little blog? And you’re a Fox News hater to boot. Hey, you must be a MSNBC power viewer, all tingly and all. And you want to engage in mental gymnastics with me! You are really smart and so well informed. Argue with yourself in the mirror much?

    I don’t have to insult you. You’re doing a fine job all by yourself. And I thank you for the traffic. Come on back anytime, and I’ll have some more reasons for you to clean your spittle off your keyboard.

  3. Kini Says:


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