Unions and Communists

They have come out of the shadows just like cockroaches, and they have infiltrated into the democrat base, its leadership, and their philosophy.  They are self-destructive, violent, and collectively a communist mob.  They’ve gotten bolder now that they believe they have a leader that thinks like they do in the White House.  Their message, take successful people’s money away and give it to those that never earned it.  They want to destroy corporations (you know, those corporations that create jobs), and they want to save the environment.

And they wonder why corporations are moving from this country when you have this level of unbridled hostility.  Via GatewayPundit:

(Language: These are liberal socialist after all)


Not only was this “In Your Face” socialist intimidation on full display, with the wearing of terroristic symbols (the keffiyeh), the vitriolic hate speech, but there are children at this demonstration.  Note the student that wants to be a teacher when she grows up @5:13 into the video.  This is where socialist indoctrination begins to be taught to the young brains of mush.  By these teachers that enter the public schools.  Is it any wonder why the graduation rates for public schools are so poor?


This is the International Socialist Organization (ISO) chanting; “No more Banks and Corporations!!!”  “Stand Up, Fight Back!!”  “Class Warfare!” They are screaming “Solidarity”, but they don’t even know what the word stands for.

From the Polish word Solidarność:

the organization of free trade unions in Poland: recognized in 1980; outlawed in 1982; legalized and led the new noncommunist government in 1989

By their own words, they want a government much like that of Poland, before the people of Poland freed themselves of the bonds of Socialist Communism.  Is this what they want for themselves and their children?



“Corporations (@2:45) that are slaughtering thousands and thousands of people around the world?”

As she struggles to form a coherent and cogent sentence, she offers neither any evidence nor any examples of corporate slaughtering.  Perhaps, she is speaking about WalMart?  Could you imagine WalMart slaughtering thousands and thousands of people?  Prices maybe; but people?


You wonder if the people of Libya that are fighting for their freedom, and they are probably scratching their heads wondering, what are these socialist idiots in the United States thinking?

As someone who knows first hand the iron fist of socialism, I can only think of the words that Ayaan Hirsi Ali said to that socialist snob Avi Lewis:

“I read Alexis de Tocqueville, and I read about democracy, and I lived in countries that have no democracy, that have no founding fathers … So I do not find myself in the same luxury as you do. You grew up in freedom, and you can spit on freedom because you don’t know what it is not to have freedom.”

Are these socialists that praise and embrace the evils of communism and glorify their Islamic terrorist idols, going to hand out candy after they slit the throat of freedom?



What’s For Dinner?



Grilled Ono Burger with Crispy Freedom Fries






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