Penny For Your Thoughts

Money is money, yes?  We have currency that is legal and is exchanged on a daily basis.  It’s converted from coin to paper, and paper to coin, as the denomination value increases and decreases in value.  Legal Tender, Silver and Gold certificates.  It’s all money and it’s all good.

We have the largest value bill to the smallest.  Starting with the Gold certificate.

This bill featured Woodrow Wilson portrait on the bill, for some reason.


Salmon P. Chase graced this $10,000 bill and he wasn’t even a President.


James Madison graced the portrait of this five grand bill.


Grover Cleveland made the $1,000 dollar bill.


William McKinley, John Adams, Chief Justice John Marshall and Abraham Lincoln were all on this timely bill.


Benjamen Franklin


Ulysses S. Grant


Andrew Jackson


Alexander Hamilton


Abraham Lincoln


Thomas Jefferson


George Washington

Susan B. Anthony

John F. Kennedy Half Dollar

Washington Quarter

FDR Dime

Jefferson Nickel

The Lincoln Penny.  Now what if you wanted to pay your bills, with pennies.  That what a California man tried to do.  Upset that his bank over fees, charges and unable to refinance his debt, the man tried to pay off his debt using pennies.

A California man was turned away after he attempted to pay his $6,500 credit card bill with penniesThirry Chahez loaded 650,000 pennies in his vehicle and drove to a local Chase Bank in an attempt to pay his credit card bill that was due on Monday.




What’s For Dinner?

Roasted  Rosemary Garlic Lamb and Potato’s with Asparagus in Cheese Sauce






2 Responses to “Penny For Your Thoughts”

  1. Hawaii Island Life Says:

    Ummm.. Why not take the pennies? Geez. The penny no good these day to some, but I still pick ‘um up.

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