Tony The Whiner

He’s Flaky




New York’s 9th District Finest



What’s For Dinner?


NY Strip Steak and Shrimp with Steamed Vegetables






One Response to “Tony The Whiner”

  1. LVB Says:

    This guy is SUCH an idiot lol

    Clearly, a very lame attempt psywar; belittling the importance of defunding NPR, the long running socialist propaganda network funded by US citizens’ tax money against their will.

    Next on the list should be the NEA, the “piss on religion ART people”, and PBS, the only broadcast network that receives billions in tax money, as well as millions more in corporate advertising dollars (grants for the “public good”).

    In any other context, that is the same thing as getting welfare and a paycheck from a regular job. So, how is that even legal? Well, it’s called liberal socialist policies – and it’s been happening for decades with NPR, PBS and other liberal favorites, like Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac – I think we all know how those turned out…and they’re still being funded by billions of our hard-earned tax dollars.

    Nothing has changed there with the mortgage system’s financial crimes against humanity, even after FM/MMac played a major role in causing the economic collapse we are still suffering from.

    Nice going, liberals, but your time is coming. The louder you and your selfish, unAmerican special interests (like unions) keep whining, the more we know that things are improving for true Americans who love and believe in limited government and this Republic as it was intended to be. 🙂

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