Senator Makes a Poopy, Blames Republicans


U.S. Senator Franky “the fish: Lautenberg D-New Jersey, announced his plan to add Adult Depends to the Obamacare healthcare law.  Citing that people are having too many babies,  Lautenberg enlisted the help of Planned ParentMurderhood to make the case that diapers are being hoarded by infants and small children, and should be for adults only.


This has been a real problem.  Infants and small children have been found involved in dubious activity.  Watch this disturbing video that proves without a doubt Lautenberg’s claims.



Lautenberg was offended by Republican efforts to defund Planned ParentMurderhood.  Lautenberg cried that Tea Party Republicans and the Majority of Americans who don’t want their tax dollars funding Planned ParentMurderhood don’t deserve the Freedoms in the Constitution, and apparently, neither do the unborn.

Dependable Frank


Lautenberg is one of New Jersey’s finest senators that money can buy.  The people of New Jersey are proud to have such a stalwart community pillar at work for them.  Property taxes reflect all the good work Lautenberg has done for his constituency.


New Jersey can Depend on Lautenberg


What’s For Dinner?


Creole Catfish






4 Responses to “Senator Makes a Poopy, Blames Republicans”

  1. SpinnyLiberal Says:

    You always have really nice dinners, Kini. 🙂

  2. LVB Says:

    Aloha Kini!

    Check these out if you need a few laughs lol

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