Of Arrogance and Grace

Contrast if you will the difference between Obama’s answers to questions about his energy policy and that of Gov. Sarah Palin.  The first thing to notice is Obama’s comments and deflections from answering the questions.  Pay particular attention to his off the cuff comments on the size of the questioner’s families and their trucks.  There is a condescending arrogance displayed when Obama answers these questions.

Now compare and contrast Gov. Sarah Palin’s answers to her energy policy.  A clear message of harnessing America’s own domestic energy sources.  While Obama wants to be Brazil’s best customer for oil, that policy still leaves America vulnerable to hostile governments and fluctuating oil prices.  Obama’s energy policy does not solve the issues of jobs, the environment, and clean energy.  Whereas, Gov. Sarah Palin has a vision, and a plan, to use domestic energy sources to provide clean cheap energy to create jobs and prosperity.


Remember this when get into your car and go to the gas pump.  The next time you get your electric bill.  The next time you shop for clothing and food.  The next time you view your paycheck.

Then ask yourself, why?



What’s For Dinner?


Pan Seared Snapper with Steamed Jasmine Rice and Wok Charred Vegetables







4 Responses to “Of Arrogance and Grace”

  1. Morgan K Freeberg Says:

    I hope the race shapes up that way. I think the air would be thick with polls flying around instructing us to believe Obama is Teh Awesome and “everybody knows” what a sucky twit that Palin hussy is…and if the campaign is less than two months or so, Obama would indeed bury her just like anybody else. But after contending with that tedious theme for just so long, and also the spiraling energy prices during the summer of 2012, I envision an America that would be bludgeoned and browbeaten into finally paying attention to cause-and-effect. Electoral Octobers seem to naturally go that way; the voters begin to toss a few more questions to the incumbent, of the “What’ve You Done For Me Lately?” variety.

    It is a paradigm shift, a growing-up of sorts, that this country desperately, desperately needs.

    • Kini Says:

      There’s a lot polling that often seems selective per 1,000. Even the questions asked can be leaning towards a desired outcome. When Gov. Palin has been the most effective foil against Obama, than any other elected leader, and using a Facebook account to do so. I find that remarkable on so many levels.

      As Obama stated before that his energy plan will raise electricity rates, he openly mocks people driving their 8 gallon per mile – 10 children families. The bitter clingers, if you will. Are people seeing that Obama didn’t lie, he meant what he said, and we’re seeing the result of Hope and Change? Perhaps.

      But maybe, a reminder down memory lane will suffice.

  2. LVB Says:

    Hey Kini,

    I have a feeling you will find this very interesting:


    Peace and Mahalo, my brother!

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