Act Like Adults

How about this?  You’ve maxed out all your credit and you’re only paying down the interest.  You’ve reached your credit limit, what do you do?  Simple, you go to your creditors and ask them to raise your credit limit.  Call it an investment in your future.  Investment mean Tax Increases.

That’s the central theme on the democrat’s message to raise taxes and raise the debt ceiling.  Today’s speech given by the regime chief Obama said “Unpaid for Tax Cuts“!  I don’t know how you pay for tax cuts.  That statement doesn’t make any sense.  Yet, it sounds very much like Obama is blaming George Bush still for his spending problems.  On top of that, Obama tells us that we have to start acting like adults.  That message was spread by his fluff boy David Plouffe on the Sunday talk shows.  So democrats act like adults, and Republicans don’t, huh?  Let’s hear the original meme.



Waste, fraud, and abuse, was not in Obama’s speech.  Well it was, but he dismissed it as just rhetoric.  However, the key word for raising taxes is “Investments“!  Those investments will be paid for, according to Obama, by the rich.  And by the rich, Obama means small businesses.  When you have crony capitalist corporations on the Obama economic team, like General Electric, paying no taxes, you have to ask, who does Obama consider the rich?  We have government departments doing duplicate tasks that are growing larger and more bloated.  Why don’t we cut these departments?  We are giving millions of taxpayer monies to Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills, and to National Public Radio to spread liberal hate speech.  Drop in the economic debt ocean, but symbolically and morally just.

Yet, there’s Obama praising his beloved China and Brazil as the models for growth and prosperity.   Two communists and socialist countries. There’s Obama care with its death panels and restrictions on elderly care.  Just take a Pill, Obama told one woman about her elderly mother.  The distortions that Obama commented on Paul Ryan’s budget plan are factually incorrect and outright lies.  Obama says the tax cuts are for the rich, but the tax cuts were for everybody.  If Obama doesn’t like his tax cuts, and suffers from tax guilt, then put an extra box in the 1040 tax form so you can pay more.

Don’t force the rest of us to share your tax guilt.


What’s For Dinner?


Korean Beef and Shrimp over Chow Fun Noodles






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