Double Talk

There’s a lack of credibility being mouthed from the Obama Regime.  On one hand, enhanced interrogation is bad, and shooting a man in the head, is good.  That line of logic wouldn’t fly if the Bush Administration were still in power.  So why is it allowed in the Obama Regime?


Answer: Obama Regime, Good!  Bush Administration, Bad!


Chris Wallace interviewing Tom Donilon (White House National Security Advisor) asked why is it acceptable to kill an unarmed man, and waterboarding a terrorist is unacceptable.  So listen to the squirming, and watch the wordy justification, of the supposed morality of a liberal viewpoint.  Then try and rationalize, imagine if you will, the difference between either removing a body part, or creating an uncomfortable situation to loosen lips, but not to remove them.  Watch the hilarity!



Uncomfortable moments can be priceless.  How many times has the story of the killing of Usama bin Laden been changed?  When is Eric Holder, the Evil Justice League Attorney General, going to prosecute the Navy Seals for killing Usama?  He’s prosecuting the CIA people that produced the information that allowed the Seals to find their target.  Double Standards.  Double Speak.



What’s For Dinner?








One Response to “Double Talk”

  1. LVB Says:

    Hypocrisy 101 – this is the trademark of the New World Order, my friend.

    I have a few pals who spend time in Iraq and Afghan as members of explosive ordnance disposal Special Forces teams – you know, the dudes who disarm those IED booby trap killing machines that this spin doctor idiot mentioned here in this video?

    So, while their job function was not interrogation as such, they were right there up close and personal, and involved for obvious reasons, to find out everything they could about the chickenshit tactics (pardon my honesty lol) of using these explosive devices of highly lethal design, that are being used by these cowards to randomly kill, maim and terrorize US troops, as well as innocent people – and they did find out a great deal about exactly who and what we’re dealing with; with a little help from various people.

    These EOD heroes had highly trained and motivated interrogators working with them closely, and it paid off. They learned that the precision of the custom shape-charge warheads inside the most lethal IEDs were coming from the Revolutionary Guards in…you guessed it, Iran. And, for the tragically naive (liberals) out there in readerland, what this
    means is that the Iranian govt was and IS taking direct, active measures to provide, support and encourage the use of sophisticated, high-lethality concealed explosives with the clear intent to cause maximum death, wounds, pain and fear to the brave United States forces in those theaters of operation (Iraq, Afghan), as well as civilian contractors and the other poor souls that tragically found themselves in the wrong place at a very wrong time.

    Certain prisoners with key information that were unwilling to cooperate, were given free luxury flights to places like Islamabad and Karachi, to have some chats, in combination with the Pakistani ISI (their CIA/KGB), in ways that even we won’t typically do…i.e., REAL torture, not just water, water everywhere now tell us what we want to know, if you get my meaning.

    The ISI are notorious for their brutal methods of collecting information, and we took full advantage of their expertise in order to know our enemy, and learn in great detail about the specifics of when, where, how and what they were up to in their missions to destroy the lives and flesh of our military personnel and civilians, using Iranian advanced IED warhead designs.

    Short story long (lol), they were treated in some cruel and unpleasant ways for many hours/days, until they provided the information to us that was necessary to counter this threat that has taken so many lives and limbs from our brave young soldiers and civilians.

    And they DID give us that information – you might even say that our “gutsy” Special Forces friends, along with those “gutsy” Paki ISI fellows were able to extract a “treasure trove” of valuable information that has since saved countless lives, and gone a long way toward minimizing the IED threats in these combat theaters, and reduced the wound lethality by at least tenfold.

    Now, those are outstanding results, with a real meaning – saving American lives everyday – and make no mistake, these results were not achieved with Miranda rights and ACLU attorneys….they were achieved by taking the fight to our sociopathic enemies, the would-be wannabe suicide bombers and IED hiding cowards, who then knew what it was like to face the US military and ISI interrogators who were in no mood to play lawyer games.

    This is also precisely how most, if not all, of the relevant information trail that ultimately led to UBL was done, my friend. Not by luck, or Obama’s offer early in his new job to “bring Al-Qaeda to the table to negotiate and talk things over”. No, it was hardcore human intelligence gathering – guys on the ground in grave danger, many of whom have died doing their jobs digging for information, and we owe these people a huge debt of gratitude for their service, though we will never know their names or faces – their service to our country is every bit as critical and heroic as the SEAL team roping out of a helicopter and shooting bad people before they can shoot us…which is kinda their goal in life, by the way.

    Next on the target list should be Ayman Al-Zawahri, the number 2 of Al-Q, who is not only a psychopath like his brethren, but is also a brilliant surgeon, and quite a bit more dangerous than UBL and most of the other fanatics who awaken each day with the singular purpose to kill, maim and destroy as many American human beings, Hummers, trucks and tanks as they possibly can….all in the name of “Allah”.

    Your 72 virgins await you, and we can only hope that our highly motivated and skilled Special Operations people can work something out to make that martyr thing happen for more of you just as soon as possible. You’ve worked hard for it, and you deserve it.

    Many of my SOC pals would sincerely like to assist them in making their martyr dreams come true. And there’s no need to thank us – this is just what we do to people who choose to murder innocent Americans in the name of Allah – it’s only fair that we arrange for them to meet him, too. 🙂

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