Playing Both Sides

Paul Ryan’s plan to save Medicare sounds like it has more choices and is explained here in this video.

As you can see, Ryan’s plan eliminates a huge government bureaucracy and gives more choices to the individual to decide their best, and economically affordable, healthcare plan.  The plan puts more freedoms for the individual patient to decide along with their doctor, to provide the needed care.  It eliminates a Death Panel [sic] of Washington bureaucrats judging if your care is worth the expenditure.

Remember that Obama himself said during a Townhall meeting that grandma should suck up the pain and take a pill.  Better to have an end of life conversation, rather than considering extending the quality of life.


This has been the message from Obama and the democrats.  These quality of life decisions shouldn’t be made by either you or your doctor.  No, these decisions are best left to the government to decide.  Because, the government believes you are not capable to decide your needs to control your costs, and your usage, of the Medicare system.  Never mind that spark of joy in living is there.  The Government Will Decide.  This is Socialized Medicine.  This is Obamacare.

Medicare is going broke.  Obamacare is bankrupting the nation.  Social Security is depleted.  Entitlements are out of control and are poorly managed by the government.  In fact the government has raided Social Security to pay off its debt.  As the country hurtles towards certain financial doom, the Obama regime wants to raise the debt ceiling and continue to borrow against our debt.

The Paul Ryan plan offers a clear direction on making Medicare solvent, but democrats are using scare tactics to frighten seniors.  This despicable act of lying by democrats and scaring people is shameful.


The Liberal Lie

This ad by the National Democrat Socialist Party shows the callous disregard for the American people.  The fine art of demagoguery is what the democrats know best.  Stealing your freedoms, stealing your money, robbing you of your freedoms; this is who the democrats are, on display, for all to see.

Another example of democrat untruths is by their female attack poodle Debbie Downer Wasserman-Schultz.  This vile excuse for a human would use deliberate hate speech to attack the Republican plan, and she doesn’t even offer an alternative, but she’s good at avoiding answers and sticking to socialist talking points.


Note the language; “We’re going to throw you to the wolves, allow the insurance companies to drop you fro pre-existing conditions“.  She did say one thing that was true, the Ryan plan allows the patient to choose how and what plan they want.  It will eliminate Medicare as we know it.  As we know, Medicare doesn’t allow the patient and doctor to decide their needs.  The government decides what will be covered and what will not be covered.  If you allow competition between private insurance companies, you get lower rates, better services, and better healthcare.  Under the current Medicare plans, Doctors are starting to refuse patients because the government has lowered the reimbursement costs.  This is Obamacare.

Bill Clinton tells Paul Ryan, privately, he hopes democrats don’t use the NY-26 election to smear the need to reform Medicare.  Then Slickmeister Willy publicly says the Ryan plan will throw grandma over the cliff.  The impeached former President was again lying and playing both sides.  Die Quickly!

Clinton threw a roundhouse right at Paul Ryan’s plan, approved by the House, to turn the health care program for the elderly into a voucher system. Not only would that approach fail to cut costs, he said, “people will use less, get sicker and die quickly. Or they will be poorer because they’ll have to spend so much of their money on health care.”


Demagoguery, this is the liberal answer to any plan that reduces the intrusive, and grossly inefficient, government spending problems.  Liberals use fear mongering to suggest that Paul Ryan’s budget  is designed to kill old people by taking their Medicare away.  What have the democrats proposed?  The usual answer is to raise taxes, increase entitlements, and spend more money.  That has always been the socialist democrat solution, take more of your hard earned money and spend it using government run programs.  A Socialistic Panacea, of Single Payer Universal Health care.  Meanwhile, you’ll get sick, along with the economy, and the government will deny your claim.  Where do you go for appeal?  The government controls the system.  You have no recourse.  You are screwed.


Der Slickmeister and Paul Ryan

Clinton went on to lie about Paul Ryan’s budget.  After telling Paul Ryan he hope’s democrats don’t use the New York-26 election as a means to put the Medicare debate into stagnation, Clinton went on to smear more fear.  This, from a former President that lied under oath, to the American people.

Let’s look at that again.  Now in an open debate on this issue, a democrat strategist cannot address the issue and walks off camera.  They would rather use fear mongering to make their talking points.


Note the democrat argues using tactics used by other democrats to change the discussion to a scare tactic as a deflection away from the truth.  They, the democrats, have no plan.  This is who they are.

Here’s a couple of socialist yucking it up over the NY-26 election and claiming it was a victory for socialism.  This is the future people if we are not careful.  Government Central Planning by a hand full of Elitist Socialists.  These are the people that will usurp your freedoms, your liberties, and your healthcare.


Joe Kline from Time Magazine, and Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC, are both avowed socialists, talking up Obama’s plan to make healthcare in this country a Single Payer Plan.  That’s the same healthcare plan that Europe, Canada, and Cuba have.  Just because the government pays for your healthcare doesn’t mean its quality healthcare.  Why else do people around the world come to this country to get the care they need?


What’s For Lunch?

Soft Boiled Egg with Fresh Homemade Toast







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