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Neil “Krusty the Clown” Abercrombie signs SB1347, giving Hawai’i Electric Company a license to soak Consumers for Green Energy Projects.  Alternative energy is expensive and someone needs to pay for it.

When the electric company is allowed to go green, it means they can charge you for the cost of going green.  Part of the intended, and unintended, costs of being environmentally conscience.   You get to pay for failed green technologies and you don’t get either a choice, or a say, on how your money gets spent.

When was the government in the business of helping startup for-profit companies, startup at taxpayer expense?  According to Bob Herkes, a democrat, you don’t have a choice:

Rep. Bob Herkes, D-Ka’u-South Kona, chairman of the House Consumer Protection and Commerce Committee, said it’s not uncommon for the Legislature to step in and help alternative energy companies subsidize their startups, even if they are private for-profit enterprises.

“In the end, the consumers are going to pay for it anyway,” Herkes said, explaining that power costs are dependent on the price of fuel sources and finding more sustainable fuel sources will benefit them in the long run.

If not, he said, consumers can install photovoltaic cells and other personal power generators instead of relying totally on the electric company.

“I’m not convinced the project has the soundness and viability to survive, but neither am I ready to stop it,” Herkes said.

Get that last statement?  If you don’t like the legislators raising your electric rates, you can go buy solar panels and go off grid.  Such arrogance from the chairman of the Consumer Protection and Commerce Committee.  Isn’t the job of the Consumer Protection chairman who’s suppose to protect consumers?  Why not provide incentives like tax breaks and lease exemptions for these companies?  Why use taxpayer’s money to fund a private company?  This is ripping off the consumer by forcing the consumer to invest in a risky business venture.  The reward is higher electric rates, the consumer looses!

At least one legislator stood up with reservations about the legislation about to be passed.  Rep. Cynthia Thielen (R-HI 50th District), spoke out about the automatic rate increase by the utilities without any oversight by the “Consumer Protection and Commerce Committee”.


In the end, she voted for the bill anyway.  The roll call can be found here.  The Consumer Protection chairman was more interested in protecting a utility company than the consumer. Aina Koa Pono-Ka’u is a bio-energy farm that is creating a form of bio-fuel, and Hawaiian Electric Company uses that bio-fuel to generate the electricity we consume.  These two companies will be allowed to pass on the cost of managing their utilities, and they don’t have to get permission by the consumer advocate to raise rates.  But then, the consumer advocate stated he’s not interested in protecting the consumer.  He thinks protecting the environment is more important, and he going to make sure you pay for it.

Increased electric rates means increased costs across all consumer goods, not just your home electric bill.  Pumping gas at the service station uses electricity, grocery stores that use lights, refrigeration, transportation, will pass on the costs of higher electric rates.  Anything that uses electricity will be affected.  Life here is already expensive, thanks to the legislators; it’s going to get more expensive.

You vote these people into office, live with the consequence of them making your life more expensive.




What’s For Dinner?


Grilled Ono Fish with White Bean Ragout








4 Responses to “Green CostU Green”

  1. Spinny Liberal Says:

    The white bean ragout looks great Kinisan. And I love your little egg cup.

  2. Zardoz Says:

    Our previous governor, Mr. Ritter, was an advocate of the “new energy economy”. He was, and still is, a big booster of windmills and solar panels. In fact when he left office he landed a cushy job at CSU as head of the “Policy Center for the New Energy Economy” to the tune of over $300K a year. Anyone surprised?

    In Colorado we are next door to the state boasting the largest supply of fossil fuel in the nation—Wyoming. Coal is cheap and plentiful and the power plants that burn coal have, over the years, adopted the technology that can reduce smokestack emissions to a very low level.

    That doesn’t stop the greenies from pushing expensive solar panels and unreliable wind turbines. If government subsidies were removed neither one of these power sources would last through the weekend.

    There are ads on the radio for solar systems that will take you off the grid and allow you to sell energy back to the power company. No mention that in 20 years, about the time you pay it off, the solar panels and storage batteries will have to be replaced and all your savings will have gone up in smoke.

    Ask the folks in Minnesota about wind turbines and how reliable they are during the winter. Oh, did we forget to mention that you need heaters to keep the lubricating oil flowing during cold weather????

    Kini, I feel your pain but the “touchy-feelies” have taken control and there is no room for facts and reasoning any more. I’m not hopeful about the future of our country.

    • Kini Says:

      You are so right on! We have plenty of available cheap sources of energy and the technology to use it environmentally safely. We have some of the most stringent laws protecting the environment, but the most idiotic regulations that end up damaging the economy.

      Windmills are pollution. They scar the landscape and like solar panels, they don’t provide a valuable consistent form of energy. The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. The infrastructure and storage of such collected energy just doesn’t exist and isn’t as efficient as traditional fossil fuels.

      As I ended my post, the power is at the ballot box. Meanwhile, undoing the lies of environmentalism and exposing it for what it is, communism.

      Thanks for posting Zardoz, as always, your comments are much appreciated.

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