Media Bias Against The Tea Party

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It seems the media pretend to be journalists are struggling to do their best to characterize the Tea Party people as violent extremists.  From Joe “BiteMe” Biden calling Tea Party people terrorists, and then denying it, you have to wonder what part of the Cracked Head Club he belongs to?

Here’s “Lean Forward’s” pMSNBC Martin Bashir with Stanton Peele psychoanalyzing the Tea Party.  Notice the claims by Mr. Peele of violent tendencies by the Tea Party.  Who is Stanton Peele?

Stanton Peele is a writer for the Huffington Post.  He claims to be an attorney, a psychologist, and addiction expert.  He’s written a couple of books on the subject of addiction, so I guess that makes him some kind of expert.  I suppose that anyone can claim to be an expert in anything they want.


I love the dismissive attitude by both Bashir and Peele.  The accusations without either any evidence, examples, or proof that anyone associated with Tea Party movement has displayed any violent, illegal, or criminal activities.  All assumptions.  Well, I can assume with the best of them also.  But how about some facts:

This administration in 2009 dropped the phrase “war on terror”.  You couldn’t use the term “terrorist” when describing Islamic terrorists.  But members of the Obama administration and congress freely use that description to characterize the Tea Party.

The media was quick to point fingers at the Tea Party and Sarah Palin after the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy.  The media was quick to blame the Norway acts of terrorism on Christian right wing radicals.  When both incidents were committed by deranged crazed people, but don’t try an convince these POS of facts.


But what’s a bias pretend-to-be-reporter and questionable psychoanalyst to do, but pander to their base.


Stealing Jimmah's Thunder of being the worse President Evah!



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2 Responses to “Media Bias Against The Tea Party”

  1. hotshot bald cop Says:

    Effectively mentioned & with glorious timing

  2. Kini Says:

    I guess the CBC was a little late getting to the lynching

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