Slanderous Spendaholict Socialist Democrats

Who won in this budget deal that both Houses of Congress and the President passed?  It wasn’t the Tea Party, it wasn’t the Socialist Democrats either, it was Obama.  Obama gets a blank check to spend $2.4 Trillion dollars. The real losers are the American Taxpayers.  We get screwed again.

There were no spending cuts.  There were no cuts to Obamacare.  There was no tax reform.  How can you get budget cuts when you raise the debt ceiling?  How can you increase the debt limit, and call that a cut in spending?  This deal puts our country at risk.  It is Servitude!

Now, throughout this whole process of crafting a budget crap sandwich, the Slanderous Spendaholict Socialist Democrats were practicing the their art of deception.  The real extremists during this whole debacle were the Socialists Leftist Democrats.  They called the Tea Party TERRORISTS, the party of NO and wanting to take down the government.  They accused the Tea Party of putting a gun to the American Public’s Head as Hostages!  Really?

A caller into Rush Limbaugh says, “If the Socialist Democrats want to call us names, okay then, we’ll call the democrats Financial Pedophiles because they are stealing children’s futures


Tea Party Terrorist?


We DO want to shrink the government, okay!  We DO want the government to fear the people, okay!  For the government that does less is good government.  The Tea Party should be commended for standing up for principle, for holding the line on spending, for forcing an end to run-away government spending.  However, we didn’t win anything, but we will continue to deliver the message of responsible government in 2012.  Listen carefully to this message of hate, it’s your future.



This congressman needs to take a drug test.  This is the same idiot that wanted to know if the Military buildup in Guam would make the Island tip over.  For Real! Listen to this idiot.


Seriously, drug test this nutcase!!!

(And there’s probably others that need testing also)


We Print What We Are Told To Print

Then the lame stream media went on a tirade of Tea Party bashing, echoing the same mantra the Socialists Democrats and Obama did of comparing the Tea Party as economic terrorists.  If you tell a lie often enough, does it become true?  First we, the Tea Party, were called racists, and then we were called Hobbits, then hostage takers and terrorists.  Let alone being called, bitter clingers.  Just see!

The socialist would argue that past president’s raised the debt ceiling and they’ll say, “See!  They raised the debt limit and they did it many times before“.  Okay, so what’s the difference?  Both Bush and Clinton had 8 year terms, and both Presidents increased the debt ceiling a number of times also.  However, their numbers are nowhere near what Obama has spent in just two short years.

Whose the Big Spender?

They just voted to raise the debt ceiling another $2.4 Trillion.  No new taxes, no real spending cuts, and no balancing of the budget.  And Mitch McConnell tells us we won?  Are you kidding me?

The argument boils down to two points:  Raise Taxes or Reduce Spending.  The Socialist Democrats want to increase spending and raise taxes.  Socialist Democrats within the Obama Regime say they want to raise taxes on the “Rich“.  The Socialist Democrats want to increase our over-extending credit and raise the debt ceiling so they can spend more of your tax dollars.  The Tea Party Republicans want to reduce spending, balance the budget and shrink the size of government.

Support the Tea Party! It's You, and your children's Future


The election of 2010 brought in fresh new faces into Congress and local governments.  A lot of these new people were Tea Party candidates and they were elected with a mission; to reduce the size of government and to stop runaway spending.  To get the country back to fiscal sanity.  Despite the childish name calling by the Socialist Democrats and their Media Minions, the Tea Party Freshmen and Women held the line.  They pressured House Leader Boehner to grow a spine and not to cave into the democrats demand to further place the country economic peril.

Save us from the Obama Wreckovery

From the NRSC:

The market uncertainty is still there.  The Bush Tax Cuts will be allowed to expire and businesses are planning for the hit to their bottom-line, and taxpayers had better be planning for the hit to their pocketbook.  Government regulations are increasing and hurting the employment market.  There will be more job losses as employers decide where to make up the loss revenue differences.

The Employment Prevention Agency (EPA) is forcing the shutdown of electrical plants without any available alternative thus threatening the power grid.  There are no windmills and solar panels to replace these plants.  None of the pixie dust and unicorns of green technology is available.

“We support regulations that achieve long-term environmental benefits while protecting customers, the economy and the reliability of the electric grid, but the cumulative impacts of the EPA’s current regulatory path have been vastly underestimated, particularly in Midwest states dependent on coal to fuel their economies,” AEP CEO Michael Morris said in a statement.

With the EPA forcing coal powered plants to shut down, and the oil industry prevented from drilling and refining by the Interior Department, the cost of fuel to power this nation is rising at the gas pump.  Remember, Obama’s Cap and Tax Pledge? Under Obama’s plan, he said that electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket.  Didn’t people hear that?  The Socialist Environmentalist did.

Obama has been in campaign mode since his 2008 inauguration.  Expect him to ratchet up the revenue rhetoric (raising taxes).  Class Warfare will be the message; Raise taxes on the so called rich.  But how can you justify raising taxes on the rich when you have corporations like General Electric parking their profits overseas and virtually paying no taxes?  When Obama says raise taxes on the rich, he means small business owners.  He means people that create jobs, here in this country.  Obama’s not talking about corporations like General Electric which are shipping jobs overseas; he’s talking about Oil companies subsidies.  He’s not talking about the taxpayers monies that were squandered away in General Motors bailouts. Or stimulus money spent for “Shovel Ready Jobs” that weren’t shovel-ready.  The Unions made out like bandits, but after two stimulus dumps into the economy, there is no infrastructure rebuilding, there’s no road and bridges being built and repaired, and there’s still no jobs.  Yet, Obama’s is going to generate another stimulus using the 2.4 Trillion, money that we don’t have.  Obama will make the case that we need to “invest” in our crumbling infrastructure.  And just to burn a hole in the pocket of taxpayer’s monies, as soon as that budget was passed, it’s already spent.

U.S. debt shot up $239 billion on Tuesday — the largest one-day bump in history — as the government flexed the new borrowing room it earned in this week’s debt-limit increase deal.

Whenever, the Socialist Democrats don’t get their way, the name calling starts.  It is this vile and slanderous name calling are what the Socialists Democrats engage in when they cannot spend and waste your tax dollars.  It is a bullying tactic to try and persuade the public into believing the false propaganda the Socialist Democrats spew on a daily basis.  Take this news conference for example:

As you can see in the video, there is no statement presented in justification, no explanation, and no logical argument to support their case.  Because the bill contains subsidies for small airports in these Socialist Democrats districts, and the question is; do we need to fund these little used airports?  Is there a need to subside these airports? These are airports that get very little traffic, but because the Socialist Democrats want to spend money without any prioritization and budgeting, they begin a petulant crybaby tirade.  Why can’t they prioritize the spending?  They don’t want to.

They have no reason or justification for spending your money.  They cannot argue on facts, because they have none.  This has always been the Socialist Democrats method of operation.  Just spend your tax money without any fiscal responsibility and then tax you more.  And when the Socialist Democrats don’t get their way, the first thing they do is gather reporters for a news conference and accuse others of being hostage takers.  They use graphic and often violent descriptions to demonize others.

If you put these people in charge of running the Sahara Desert, you’ll soon run out of sand, to paraphrase Milton Freeman.  The Socialist Democrats have been in charge of the economy since 2006 when they were elected to the House majority.  When Obama was elected under his Hope and Change, fundamentally transform America campaign promise, spending increased to a magnitude never seen before in this country’s history.  The 2010 election brought in the Tea Party freshmen and women to put a stop to this economic suicide.  It is true that both parties have overspent.  This is why Tea Party candidates were elected to replace both parties, and not just the Socialists Democrats, which hold the lion’s share of the spending problem.  These Socialist Democrats are career politicians.  They have been getting rich off of the taxpayer’s monies.  It’s your money.


What’s For Dinner?


Chew Slowly





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