Of Tea And Occupations

To Become Americanized

Are you as disgusted as I am about this #Occupy Crap?  Apparently, Barry Obama and Nazi Pelosi are all for the protestors.  Nazi Pelosi gave them her blessing, along with all her other Socialist Democrats.  Here’s a clip of “Teh Won” endorsing the Occupiers, and comparing them to the Tea Party.

In an interview with ABC News on October 17th, 2011, President Obama suggested that the Occupy Wall Street protests are similar to Tea Party. Watch this video and decide for yourself. All incidents cited in this video are documented at http://www.owsexposed.com.

This is a typical tactic by liberals, compare a peaceful organization, the Tea Party, to the #OccupyWallStreet protestors, which are totally the opposite of each other.  To date, there have been Rapes, Murders, Drug Overdoses, Beatings and other violence and criminal activity that has broken out.  Diseases like Tuberculosis have broken out in Atlanta.  This is a Public Health Issue, and tolerant city leaders [if you can call this leadership] are turning a blind eye to a potential disaster.  Where is the evidence that this protest is anything like the Tea Party?

Party Of Slavery

Nancy Pelosi says “God Bless” to the Protestors.  In the Congress, the Socialist Democrats have given their seal of approval to the protestors.  Even encouraging them with money brought in by the Unions.  SEIU and ACORN are under investigation for their activities in organizing these protests with money.

What Union and other Criminal Organizations formed the Tea Party?

The Party of Slavery, otherwise known as the Socialist Democrat Party, is an accurate description of these people in Congress with the “D” next to their name.  Crony Capitalism, economic serfdom, and institutional corruption are the goals and means of the Socialist Democrats.  Read about it HERE!

Media Bias

With the exception of Fox News, the other news media outlets either ignored or praised the Occupiers as Patriots?!?  Only now when people are getting killed are the local news outlets reporting this.  They were so desperately looking for that Kent State moment.  Well, they already got it and then some.  MSNBC Analyst Danny “douchebag” Deutsch indirectly pleaded for such a moment and now that they have it, are you hearing about it?

The media loves victims. Victims make for great propaganda

Selective Outrage

First Amendment Rights Abuse?  Could there be such a thing?  You can get arrested for shouting “FIRE!” in a theater, right?

Furthermore, couching the analysis in terns of a “right to free speech” instead of property rights leads to confusion and the weakening of the very concept of rights. The most famous example is Justice Holmes’s contention that no one has the right to shout “Fire” falsely in a crowded theater, and therefore that the right to freedom of speech cannot be absolute, but must be weakened and tempered by considerations of “public policy.” And yet, if we analyze the problem in terms of property rights we will see that no weakening of the absoluteness of rights is necessary.

Since when did Free Speech give weigh to Common Sense?  It never has in my mind, but apparently is has in some cities where Occupiers Free Speech has taken a back seat to Total Anarchy.  Verbal and Physical abuse has been well documented at these protests.  Attacks on people by Occupiers have flooded the internet, movies on YouTube, and other Conservative Media outlets, show Occupiers openly committing criminal acts. This is what democracy looks like?!?

Where are the Tea Party People in this mob?

The Tally Grows

When Bloggers Meet Occupiers.  In Denver, at Freedomworks BlogCon 11, Occupiers tried, and failed to disrupt the conference of Conservative Bloggers.  There two videos everyone must see.  In the first video the Occupiers are returning from their failed attempt to disrupt the conference; only this time, they want to be friends:  Hilarity Ensues!  Must Watch!!!


The local Denver News affiliate reported the event on their nightly television news broadcast.  The pictures and the story are extremely funny.  One Occupier, some blond bimbo, start chanting about her $100,000 college debt; she was quickly interrupted by the Bloggers asking, “Who pays $100,000 for a college course?”  And “No, we don’t do that Mike Check Crap!”  Just Hilarious!

Conservative Bloggers have done a great service to the Nation by getting right back in the Face of the Obnoxious Occupiers.  I couldn’t be more Proud of our people!  Go Breitbart!!!

The Website OWS Exposed has been collecting a treasure trove of Obama-Endorsed Occupy shenanigans.  It’s well worth the stop-by to get the most accurate picture of this Bowel Movement of angry children having temper tantrums over how life is unfair.  Underneath, there are the Unions, the democrats, the socialist, communists, all support this destructive movement.

As of this posting, in Portland Oregon, these Anarchists Occupiers are preparing for clashes with the police.  The city has given them till midnight tonight to vacate the park, or be forcibly removed.  The local news affiliate reports the anarchists are making weapons to combat the police.  Nice!!!

What’s For Breakfast?

Western Style Omelet with Home Fries Fresh Orange Slice and Toast


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    […]                     .. Of Tea And Occupations  « E Māua Ola i Moku o Keawe 15 Things I Learned About the Tea Party From Occupy Wall Street Doug Casey on "Occupy Wall Street" […]

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