My Bread Tastes Like Soap

Aloha mai nō kākou e nā makamaka heluhelu a E Māua Ola i Moku o Keawe!

Reflections of a Sunday morning prayer.  The Church is packed with parishioners, and it’s just like every other Sunday.  The overflow of the faithful extends outside the church and onto the church steps.  It is an amazing sight to see every Sunday and it humbles the individual to reflect on their own mortality.  After the service, the church empties, and God’s word goes forward.

Too often we take for granted the gifts given to us.  It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind just trying to make ends meet.  The minutia of managing daily life can be challenge to some.  It makes you wonder sometimes if the individual’s life choices, are either chosen, or handed to them by the fate that life brings.  Fate, that some allow to predetermine their destiny.

Living In A Shopping Cart

Homelessness is a real problem here in Hawai’i.  It breaks your heart especially for the children that, through no fault of their own, either are the product of parental bad decisions, or just caught up in really bad luck.  Often times there are more serious influences that underline the reasons.

They Only Come Out During Holidays

This holiday season starts off like the last.  They are nowhere to be found, except during the holiday seasons.  They stand on the street corners begging for money.  I’ve seen them, wearing designer clothing, shoes, smoking $7.00 a pack cigarettes, holding cardboard signs proclaiming their desperate situation.  Where were they the other 364 days of the year?


Of course there are people with legitimate issues beyond their control, and there are those who will take advantage of people’s good nature.  We are seeing that with the OWS people.  They expect things to be handed to them, as if they were entitled to them.  This hurts the families that really need assistance.  How do you sort out the truly needy, versus the hungry freeloaders?

Ask Not

Am I just being heartless?  Mean spirited?  Indignant?  Perhaps even emotionally bankrupt of any feelings for the unfortunate?  Well, it depends on what you mean by unfortunate.  I pray for my daily bread and I also work for my daily comforts.  It’s bad enough that my government serves to feed the freeloaders while telling me that I don’t give enough to the great unwashed masses.  They, the people yearning to kick back with their iPhone and iPads, holding out their hat in hand, are somehow more deserving because they cannot pay their college loans, or something.

Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.  Matthew 6:9-11

What’s For Dinner?

Our Daily Bread


9 Responses to “My Bread Tastes Like Soap”

  1. IowaWoman Says:

    Beautifully written, I agree in every way.

    • Kini Says:

      Mahalo! We give our time to help those less fortunate than us. Money is one thing, but we also give of our time, which is far more valuable I believe. The churches here also put in a huge amount of time and money. However, we are painfully aware that help, often carries a fair amount of tough love, sometimes.

  2. darwin Says:

    “Debts”? I thought it was “trespassers”

  3. Mark Mattingly Says:

    Outstanding post, right on point. Thanks!

  4. Elizabeth Mendoza Says:

    Excellent Post, Kini. All very valid and thought provoking points. The pic of the keiki in the shopping cart makes me tear up. We have too much of this in the islands, too much of it in our world. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  5. Dennis Says:

    I share your observations and concur with the “other 364″….. Sure it’s a shame and sometimes it’s a sham. Unfortunate for the many that indeed have reached the end of the ole rope. Others need to hook up to the yoke and pull along with the rest of us fools working for our daily bit. Dennis

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