Bare Naked Dhimmitude


Extremist Groups Shut Down Free Speech:   Today, WordPress, the host of this blog, capitulated to the terrorist group known as CAIR.  Bare Naked Islam was a frequent read by many in the blogosphere community.  The accusation of threats against Muslims cannot be accurately verified since the site has been removed, but it probably was in the comment section.  I’ve frequented the site many times, and I have never seen an actual threat issued by the owners and authors of the blog.  BNI has reported ONLY the Truth about the Violent nature of Islam, which is either seldom reported in the news, or just plain ignored by the media.  This is very troubling for Free Speech advocates.  This is what Islam does, they bully companies, governments and non-muslims, and when they don’t get their way, they resort to violence.  There are plenty of examples of Islamic terror here and around the world.  Dhimmitude is the goal of Islam.  I Will Not Submit.


This is the Truth about Islam.  This is who they are.  They deny the centuries of atrocities their so called culture has committed against innocent people around the world.  This is how they work.  They enter your country, as either as refuges, or legal immigrants.  They don’t assimilate into the host culture.  Instead, they make demands on the host culture.  They force governments to conform to their version of Sharia Law; a barbaric form from of intolerance and prejudice against anyone non-muslim.

The message of Islam couldn’t be more clear.  Submit to Islam, or die!   It’s Simple!  Don’t think so?  Still have doubts?  Think this is just intolerance on my part?  OK, explain the Fort Hood shootings?  Explain the Christmas massacres in Egypt and Nigeria.  Explain the honor killings of daughters by muslims fathers.  How does a culture kill its own and not be held accountable for it? [see planned parenthood]

Is this the norm within the entire Islamic community?  I’ve lived in Malaysia and the Philippines, I’ve lived amongst them.  I have some firsthand knowledge of who they are.  I’ve seen firsthand the intolerance of Islam.  The violence of Islam.  The murderous hand of Islam.

CAIR claims that violence against muslims is on the rise.  If so, where is it reported?  Only in the Pro-Islamic website, and not in any official news outlets.  To find any violence against muslims, you have to look really hard, and then you have to fact check the articles.  Many are just made up stories, or greatly exaggerated stories to generate sympathy for muslims.  However, there are many stories of Islamic violence and they are all true.  BNI reported these stories, and fact checked them also.  Only after Islamic violence against innocents does a backlash against the so called “Religion of Peace” occurs.  Take the Ground Zero Mosque in New York for example, in Islamic theocratic culture, it is their custom to claim victory by insulting their victims and build a Mosque.  Read this article from last year:  What to make of Anti-Muslim Hate!

The controversial decision by Lowes to pull its advertisements from the very politically multicultural, and entirely farcical, TLC show “All-American Muslim“, was done to distance the company from the controversy the show was creating, and not by pressure by some Christian group that some in the media would have your believe.  This is part of the Islamic publicity problem.  They are perpetually offended by everything.  They want to be governed by Sharia Law and not by the Constitution.  They want to impose their theocracy demands and force others into their intolerance.  Sadly, this is what WordPress has done.  WordPress capitulated to radical Islam.

CAIR is responsible for this breach of freedom.  It is the first of many affronts on the United States Constitution by Islamic extremists.  Ibrahim Hooper is CAIR’s terrorist spokes person.  If there are moderate muslims out there, they should speak up against this terrorist.  And there are moderate muslims.  You’ve seen them on shows like Fox News.  They present assimilation into American life and live peacefully among all cultures.   Ibrahim Hooper, and CAIR, is a radical Islamic terrorist organization with criminal ties to Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and the violent Muslim Brotherhood.

It’s time to face the facts about Radical Islam.  The United States is in danger of following the way of Europe.  The violence by radical Islam in Europe is extreme and dangerous.  Yet, Eurasia is doomed.  They’ve let the Islamic problem go on for far too long.  It now has become generational within the population.  As we watch their cities burn, their people brutalized; their women raped and killed, we must realize this is also happening here in this Country.   There currently are two Islamist in Congress: Reps. Keith Ellison of Minnesota and Andre Carson of Indiana, both are Democrats.  Where are their loyalties?  To the Constitution or Islam?  Did they, along with CAIR, pressure WordPress to remove and archive Bare Naked Islam?  Will my post get me banned from WordPress?  We’ll see.

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6 Responses to “Bare Naked Dhimmitude”

  1. Dhimmis Bow To Their Islamic Masters Take Down ‘Bare Naked Islam’ Blog Says:

    […] & Take Our Country, Gateway Pundit, The Mad Jewess, Infidel Bloggers Alliance, Pat Dollard, E Māua Ola i Moku o Keawe, […]

  2. Dhimmis Bow To Their Islamic Masters Take Down ‘Bare Naked Islam’ Blog Says:

    […] & Take Our Country, Gateway Pundit, The Mad Jewess, Infidel Bloggers Alliance, Pat Dollard, E Māua Ola i Moku o Keawe, Macsmind, Simon Studio Analysis, The Astute Bloggers, Hill Buzz, […]

  3. velvethammer Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Great title! I wish I would of thought of it.

    – VH
    Ironic Surrealism

  4. Marcel Bedard Says:

    Think the future generation we mist to supply the talent our dead sins twenty years whe don’t supply them
    war is famine
    war is famine
    workers artiste thinker people the generation u studying
    now will have he owl of 50 percent of the population why nead he riel war to the drug criminality and suicide
    human trade of with woman .war is famine. So let try he last discussion with the muslam and if they don’t wont he real talk
    muslam wil be teach by us ,and in he very short time they don’t
    Be leave in war is famine so RELEASE HE’LL on them

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