Stop The Hate! Taste The Rainbow!

Alternate titleWhen glitter is outlawed, only gays will have glitter!

Glitter bombing seems to be all the rage with these Gay Activists during this political primary.  Is it helping their cause by attacking certain presidential candidates?  Do you feel anymore sympathic for gay causes because of acts like this?

Rick Santorum at a campaign stop is glitter bombed by some clown screaming, “Stop The Hate!”  And then followed with “Taste The Rainbow!”  Ewww!  Taste the rainbow?  What does that mean?  I shudder to think, even in any type of analogy, what that means.  Is this attack a demonstration of hate by the gay activist?  Looks like it to me.  Here’s another example where some gay activist attacks another candidate, and again, the claim of hate against the candidate.

Of course the candidates brush off the attacks as nothing more than some kook trying to make a point.  What the point is about is kind of fuzzy.  What hate are they demonstrating about?  Well, in this next video, the community gay agitators make themselves known.

Notice the message at the end of the video.  An activist group that claims anti-LGBT extremism.

This message is kind of ambiguous in a way, because it doesn’t actually show any extremism, except by the gay demonstrators throwing glitter crap on the candidates.  Who’s the extremist here?

Disagreement is a part of life.  Not everyone agrees with everyone’s view on how the world works.  So these peoples answer is to throw glitter on them and call them haters?  Does this make sense to you?

Any sympathy I may have had for these people, is now gone.  They physically attacked, albeit with glitter, another person.  When the glitter is gone, what’s next?  Bullets?  You have to wonder about the mental state of these people.  Will they do something extreme?  Is it just a matter of time?

Photo Courtesy Zombietime

Notice the “Socialist Worker” sponsor on the banner?  I cannot think of another ideology that uses hate to promote propaganda to undermine the freedoms of the individual.  It seems the Obama Regime has been manipulating activists groups like LGBT into thinking socialism is their ticket to Gay Nirvana.  Do they realize that once a government goes full socialism, it’s just a small leap to communism?  Communism, like socialism, is inherently homophobic.  History is littered with examples of abuses by socialists against all groups, and not just gays.

Photo Courtesy Zombietime

Socialist gain the confidence of gays and other fringe groups, then they use them to over-throw the existing governments.  They use elections to place socialist supporters within key government positions.  These people make irresponsible choices in the belief they are supporting a greater cause, only to find the socialists have used to them to achieve their goal of complete government control.  Communists and socialists allow same-sex unions, same-sex marriage and allow just about any equal rights cause to be legal.  It is these fringe groups that get the attention of the socialists, because they know they will rabidly support the socialist agenda of political domination.  But do socialist support the gay agenda?  Obama just passed the NDAA bill to authorize indefinite detention.

“I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation, and prosecution of suspected terrorists,” Obama said. “I want to clarify that my Administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens. Indeed, I believe that doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a Nation.”

Promises made by socialist are often met with legislation that contradicts their alternative motive.  This is a perfect example.  If Obama’s convictions were contrary to the bills wording, why wouldn’t he veto the bill?  Why approve it with reservations, unless those reservations were to his advantage!

This is what socialists do, they obfuscate the truth.  Propaganda is their greatest tool.  Manipulation of the media and distortion of facts are their allies.  Once socialism gets a grip on government, it is damned hard to get rid of it.  The trail of devastation caused by socialism is all around you.  Look at Europe for example, for decades they voted into government socialists.  Look at where it has gotten them.  In this country, we have a socialist president, socialist in the congress, and even more extremist in government.  The rights of the individual are placed into a collective where individuality liberty is forbidden.  This rainbow will be a bitter taste once your freedoms are gone.


What’s For Dinner?

Roast Leg of Lamb with Candied Garnet Yams and haricot Verts





6 Responses to “Stop The Hate! Taste The Rainbow!”

  1. IowaWoman Says:

    Kini, you make too much sense!

  2. yoda Says:

    I fear that glitter may not always be tossed at candidates…..I fear for every candidate’s safety.

    • Kini Says:

      Yes, that’s my concern also. While I want the candidates to have open access to the public, I hope there are adequate security to prevent a repeat of a worse case scenario.
      Thanks for your comment Yoda!

  3. kernel mustard Says:

    Great post Kini!

    Check out this group.

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