Obama the Venture Capitalist

Obama the Failed Venture (Vulture) Capitalist!  Why is ‘clean energy’ so dirty and corrupt?

Would you buy stock from this man?  Obama the Venture Capitalist?  I haven’t heard of any success stories about Obama’s Green Energy programs.  Believe me, I’ve looked and I’ve only found several successful green companies, but they are in Korea and not here.

This morning on the CBS Early Show, they reported on the loss of billions of taxpayer dollars in Department of Energy loans to failed ‘green energy’ companies across the United States.


CBS News – January 13, 2012


So let’s take a look at where the Obama regime has spent your money on failed ‘green energy’ programs.  Solyndra, General Motors Chevy Volt, Beacon Power Corporation and these are just a few of your forced investments that have failed.  There many more you can read about in the CBS story.

The Energy department’s director, Dr. Steven Chu, is supposed to be a scientist and a Nobel Prize winner for physics.  I’m beginning to think that anyone with a Nobel Prize is actually an idiot.  See Paul Kurgman and his Keynesian economic theories of tax and spend your way to prosperity.


(Hat Tip Darwin)

Remember when Obama said that Capitalism never worked?  Even though this country was founded in Capitalism and free-market enterprises, Obama believes in a central planning bureaucracy controlled by government agencies.  The Soviet Union was modeled after that, look where it got them.  Even the Communist Chinese are more Capitalistic than us!!!  Thanks to Obama.

“It’s a simple theory, and we have to admit it’s one that speaks for to rugged individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much government – that’s in America’s DNA. And that theory fits well on a bumper sticker. But here’s the problem. It doesn’t work. It has never worked.”

History is a problem for Obama.  He either doesn’t know it, or he thinks you don’t know it.  Obama creates a Straw Man argument for ‘clean energy’ by vilifying cheap energy sources like coal and oil.   Creating and running business is a alien concept to Obama.  Energy is needed to run any business.  Gas is needed for transportation, and oil and coal for electricity to power a business.

Running the Office of the Presidency has been outsourced to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  It was only after the midterm election in 2010 when the Tea Party helped elect fiscally responsible candidates to slow down the out of control spending and needless regulations.  These Tea Party people elected into office have been fighting an uphill battle with both Socialist Democrats and Establishment Republicans.  They need our help to restore the Republic.


Failed Wind Farm


There are a number of ‘green energy’ projects in Hawai’i; there is biomass, wind and solar.  Except for the existing power generation using oil, none of these ‘green energies’ have ever worked.  It is either too expensive, or it is not reliable as a alternative to oil.  Yet the government is pouring money into these projects with little results except to bankrupt the treasury.  Along the way, somebody is making a lot of money at taxpayers’ expense.

The online news site Honolulu Civil Beat published an article today making the claim that Hawai’i’s high cost of oil is because of Japanese Tsunami.  The Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) started a public relations campaign to explain the high electrical rates.  Full story here!

“HECO buys a lot of low sulfur fuel oil and primarily buys low sulfur oil from local refineries that have prices that are indeed tied into the Far East prices,” he said. “So the Asian low sulfur fuel oil prices have been really affected by what has happened with the Japanese tsunami and the closing down of nuclear power plants. The Japanese have had to switch to running fuel oil.”

While this is partially true, it is not entirely true.  As Andrew Walden from Hawai’i Free Press points out:

Two problems with this fact check: 1) Hawaii is closer to Latin American LSFO oil sources so we are not hostage to the Asian market. 2) Tesoro has the capacity to process high-sulfur oil
This Civil Beat “fact check” is just the latest Omidyar effort to jack up everybody’s oil and electricity prices in Hawaii. We are not lab rats in his failed green energy experiment.

When Fact Checking a claim by Hawai’i’s monopolistic public utility (HECO) that natural disasters and Middle East unrest, are the reasons why a spike in oil prices has caused Hawai’i electric rates to rise, then it is necessary to look back at the real reasons behind the scenes.

From Hawai’i Free Press:

There is no need for Hawaii to pay Asia’s higher prices–unless of course it was convenient to create political pressure in order to force Big Wind and Big Cable on Lanai and Molokai. Jacking up oil prices has long been a staple of green energy scammers’ strategy. For instance Pierre Omidyar’s Kanu Hawaii group in 2009 pushed for a Barrel Tax which would have raised the price of oil to $100 a barrel entering Hawaii. (Isn’t there something perverse about the richest guy in Hawaii working to jack up everybody’s gasoline prices and electric bills? Is he trying to push us all out?) In a report issued December 30, 2009, the Hawaii Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Task Force created by Act 234 of 2007 outlined its support for a Carbon Tax in Hawaii. Robbie Alm, representing HECO, was a member of the Task Force and supported the Carbon Tax

Indeed, part of Obama plan for Hope and Change was to raise electric rates.  Skyrocketing! To quote Obama’s own words.  Along with EPA regulations and Dept. of Interior restrictions on coal harvesting and oil drilling; the Obama regime’s policies are not only the source of expensive energy costs, but the economic slowdown which relies on abundant cheap energy.

Ironically, the very environmentalist groups that are demanding ‘clean green energy’ have come out against it.  In Hawai’i, on the Big Island where I live, there is a old power plant in Pēpē’ekeo that was  used when sugar was the major industry here.  When sugar left the islands for cheaper locations, the coal-fired power plant continued on.  Recently, the plant has been refurbished to use biomass to generate electricity.   Not only has there been local opposition to the plant, but the environmentalists have come out against the plant also.

Hu Honua will use only biomass. The goal is for the plant to be operational by late 2012. It will produce 24 megawatts of power, about 10 percent of the island’s electrical needs and about enough for 14,000 homes. It expects to employ about 100 construction workers for up to a year for plant refurbishment and then about 30 fulltime workers at the facility.

It should be noted that biomass is plant material, namely the huge Eucalyptus trees that line the Hāmākua coast along the east side of the Big Island.  It will produce emissions like coal does; however, it will require large trucks to haul the trees that grow on the slopes of Mauna Kea.  The roads in Pēpē’ekeo are not built to handle the traffic, nor the weight of large trucks hauling trees.  The community is small with many Mahi ‘ai (farms) in the area.  The only benefit that I can see by this plant is that it will create some full time jobs; but that’s already the case using coal, and it’s cheaper and more environmentally safer for the ‘Aina.


What’s For Dinner?

Grilled Chicken Breast over Spicy Southwestern Corn and Black Bean Hash






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