Obama’s Security Force

Remember when Obama said we need a Civilian Security Force in additions to the military?

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

I wondered what Obama was saying at that time.  Orwellian thoughts ran through my head as I pondered that statement. What could he mean by that?

Now we know what the purpose of the OWS.  The Occupy WallStreet Street movement and Obama’s veiled threat against the American people.  With the blessing of Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Marxist Democrats, the Unions and thousands of ignorant people became Obama’s Civilian Security Force.

“God bless them,” Pelosi said, “for their spontaneity. It’s independent … it’s young, it’s spontaneous, and it’s focused. And it’s going to be effective.”

“The message of the protesters is a message for the establishment everyplace,” said the House Democrats’ leader. “No longer will the recklessness of some on Wall Street cause massive joblessness on Main Street.”

Today, Nazi Piglosi is walking that statement back by claiming they don’t have much of a connection.  I thought Nazi, Obama and the rest of the Marxist Democrat party loved these people?   This is, after all, the underlining philosophy of Marxist Democrats.  Obama openly supports them by saying he understands their frustration.  The SEIU and other Unions have openly organized with them.

The tent rapes, murders, thefts, riots and violent confrontation with the police.  Businesses had to close and lay people off, because the protestors prevented them from getting to their jobs.  The mounds of stinking trash in the parks. The demonstrators were using the parks as toilets, and defecating in the streets, and the rats and diseases that infested these OWS camps.  Those are all Marxist Democrat ideologies.  This is who Obama was speaking to.  This is the “Class Warfare” Obama was hoping for.  This is the crisis that couldn’t go to waste.

They call themselves the 99%, and they identify with the Obama regime policies.  Obama’s “Class Warfare” message has sparked the OWS people to gather like vermin to answer Obama’s call for wealth redistribution from the evil 1%’ers!  These 1%’ers are the people who create jobs and prosperity.  This is class envy encouraged by the Marxist Democrats and Obama.

The great unwashed masses of Sheeple that continue to protest what they don’t understand are falling into the trap of socialism.  Their screeching “Mic Check” demands of wealth inequality is exactly what Karl Marx wrote about.  It is the first step to economic servitude, property confiscation and a centralized government bureaucracy.  Everything Obama promised.  This is Hope and Change.



What’s For Dinner?

Grilled Pork l’Orange with Garlic Smashed Potato’s and Saute’ Carrots and Snow Peas





3 Responses to “Obama’s Security Force”

  1. IowaWoman Says:

    I so agree Kini! Good piece. The only problem I had was……………..you made my mouth water and my stomach grumble with hunger. That dish looks sooooooooooooooooo Good!

    • Kini Says:

      As always IowaWoman, Mahalo for your comments! I believe we have insight into Obama’s election committee! And I should have removed the pith from the Oranges 😆

  2. Kini Says:

    More on the Occupy Stupidity from Congress

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